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Home Free - How Great Thou Art
The world's first all-vocal country band. Using nothing but their voices, Home Free has been touring the nation over the last 14 years bringing their unique country flair to audiences far and wide. This song and 9 more available on their new Christmas album. ( See link below video. )
Added: 29th October 2016
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Pentatonix - Hallelujah [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Pentatonix is an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas consisting of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi. Today we hear a cut from their new Christmas Album " A Pentatonix Christmas" titled "Hallelujah" now available at Amazon.com. ( http://amzn.to/2eE7FRI )

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South African girl catches a cobra!
Girl catches a cobra while sunbathing.
Added: 12th October 2016
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Phenomenal 4-Year-Old Piano Prodigy
There is something mesmerizing about watching this little 4 year old girl play the piano. How is this even possible? She seems to be reading the music ( I loved it when she turned the page ) and as far as I can tell rarely misses a note. Someone said the name of the piece is Sonatina in D Major Opus 36, No 6: Allegro con spirito by James Spencer. I hope you enjoy her playing as much as I did. Watched it twice... going to watch it one more time now.
Added: 19th August 2016
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10 Money-Saving LIFE HACKS To Try At Home
Here are 10 amazingly simple ways to save some time and money! You can make your own dishwasher tablets, fix a leak with a rubber glove, get rid of food burned into stainless steel, and much more!

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Farm dog has front row seat to hilarious baby goat battle
This dog may be too close to the action as two baby goats headbutt each other right on top of him during play time. It looks like the dog doesn't mind the free
Added: 5th July 2016
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Sleeping cat quacks when his owner coughs
Watch as this sleeping cat reacts adorably to his owner's cough. From 'pavelsutyrin', "This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or rests. He also responds
Added: 4th July 2016
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Andre Rieu - Clog Dance
Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing The Clog Dance.

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5 Maltese mix pups feel fear then elation when they touch grass for the first time
These guys are so cute when they realize grass can be so much fun! Full Story:
Added: 3rd July 2016
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Larger dog preciously protects tiny puppy
Bentley is on guard as he watches over Yeti the puppy. That little guy is definitely in safe hands! Credit to @bullygeek
Added: 3rd July 2016
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Funny Pets Video Compilation 2016
From Boston Terriers skateboarding to a dalmatian interrupting yoga, these pets are sure to add entertainment to your day.

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This Elephant Has A New Buddy After Years On Her Own
Lucky is a 52-year-old elephant who has a hard time making friends. Until Nicole came to stay, that is.

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Intense Kitten Watching Horror Movie
This cute kitten becomes very intense while watching his favorite horror movie. Didn't expect that ending!

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A Man, A Dog and A Hummingbird - The Three Amigos
Great Big Smile Alert! This man has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue

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Oliver the Caique Singing in the Shower
This is Oliver the White-Bellied Caique! Caiques are found in South America, living primarily in the low elevation rainforests of the Amazon

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Dogs Vs. Stairs
What is it about stairs that some dogs just can't figure out? Dog are pretty intelligent creatures, but sometimes, when there is a staircase involved, it seems like they forget how to even walk. The dogs in these hilarious clips have found pretty, er, let's say "unique" ways of going up and down the stairs — or, in some cases, avoiding them completely.

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Cows Doing Stuff
Cows Doing Stuff
Added: 8th January 2016
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Tags Cattle (Animal) Animal (Film Genre) cow cows

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They Cut My Britches Off
Comedian Mark Lowry tells about having a motorcycle wreck ( while not wearing a helmut ) and what happened to him afterwards.
Added: 26th July 2012
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Robin Williams as the American Flag
Robin Williams portrays the American flag in "I Love Liberty," a two-hour television special created by Norman Lear and presented by People For the American Way.
Added: 17th February 2012
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