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Home by Chris Tomlin - Contemporary Christian Music artist
Christopher Dwayne Tomlin is an American contemporary Christian music artist, worship leader, and songwriter from Grand Saline, Texas, United States who has sold over 7 million records.
Added: 2nd September 2017
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Tags Chris Tomlin Home SixSteps (SIX) Christian

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These Towns Embraced Darkness to See Starlight
Light pollution is no joke. As our cities grow bigger and brighter, fewer Americans get to take in the breathtaking grandeur of the Milky Way. Sensing this, the residents of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, two small towns in Colorado, purposefully dimmed their towns' lights. Their night skies are now among the darkest on the planet and have become a Mecca for stargazers.

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1975 Porsche 911 with a 603-HP Corvette LS6 engine swap | Flat Out - Ep 7
From its high-rev reverberation to its low-rev rumble, this week's Franken-911 summons thunder thanks to a 603-horsepower Corvette V-8 stuffed in its rump. A force of nature on the desert tarmac, this stars-and-stripes-powered Porsche combines the crisp handling of a 1975 911S with the burly grunt of a modified LS6 engine. Owner Bob Radke storms the track at Willow Springs with this yellow monster, showcasing the delights of what can happen when vintage German chassis engineering mingles with American muscle.

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Jumpy The Dog -  Skateboard Cruising
Jumpy The Dog - Skateboard Cruising
Added: 26th February 2015
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Gene Simmons Military Tribute
Today we honor our troops and our veterans. A handshake and a "Thank you for your service" makes a world of difference!

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The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
To mark the 10th anniversary of The Beatles Love show by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, a brand new video has been created to represent the re-staging of George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently, using an acoustic version of the iconic song with a specially commissioned string arrangement by the late Sir George Martin recorded in 2006. This version is also featured on the Love album. The evocative video was directed by Dandypunk, Andre Kasten and Leah Moyer and was shot in the Love Theatre at the Mirage Hotel and at other locations in Nevada. All effects were created using projection mapping and captured live, in-camera. No post production CGI was used.
Added: 29th June 2016
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Tags The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps Calderstone Rock

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Andre Rieu - I'm dreaming of a White Christmas
Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

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Funny Parrot & Bird Videos Weekly Compilation May 2018
Brand new all birds weekly compilation filled with funny clips, bloopers and moments of ducks, parrots, chickens, turkeys, seagulls and other funny birds.

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Cat Loves Getting Vacuumed
Cat loves getting attacked with the vacuum cleaner
Added: 18th May 2012
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Dazzling Time-Lapse Reveals America's Great Spaces
October 23, 2013?After quitting a comfortable day job, photographer Shane Black spent two months on the road shooting time-lapses of some of America's most beautiful spots. His "Adventure Is Calling" video is the mesmerizing result, made from about 10,000 of the photos he took. Read the story behind the video on National Geographic's StarStruck blog: /2013/10/23/gorgeous-time-lapse-video- highlights-americas-great-spaces/ LOCATIONS 00:00 - Badlands National Park, South Dakota 00:16 - Yosemite National Park, California 00:26 - Zion National Park, Utah 00:37 - Mount Rainier National Park, Washington 00:44 - Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 01:06 - Monument Valley National Park, Arizona 01:20 - Marysville, Ohio 01:31 - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 01:58 - Central Florida 02:03 - Flagstaff, Arizona 02:09 - Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho 02:13 - Holbrook, Arizona 02:21 - Marysville, Ohio 02:25 - Monument Valley, Arizona 02:29 - Texas 02:32 - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 02:36 - Bandon Beach, Oregon 02:39 - White Sands National Monument, New Mexico 02:43 - Big Sur, California 02:46 - Santa Barbara, California 02:53 - Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 03:26 - Bruneau Dunes State Park, Oregon 03:51 - Zion National Park, Utah 04:03 - Yosemite National Park, California 04:19 - Zion National Park, Utah 04:34 - Monument Valley National Park, Arizona 04:46 - Yosemite National Park, California PHOTOGRAPHER AND EDITOR: Shane Black ( MUSIC: "Signaling Through the Flames," by The American Dollar The photographer would like to thank Flickr and Coca-Cola for supporting the trip.
Added: 30th October 2013
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Irritating Noise On The Golf Course
Funny! Have you ever been on the tee, ready to make that perfect shot and then this happens?
Added: 10th November 2015
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Sea Turtles (Texas Country Reporter)
See how one group rehabilitates injured sea turtles, and returns them to their natural habitat. Jeff George Sea Turtles Inc. 6617 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX 78597 Phone: 956-761-4511 Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Texas Country Reporter #1289, 05-12-2012
Added: 1st May 2013
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A Celebration of Service I AARP Foundation
On Friday, Sept. 11, AARP Foundation spearheaded A Celebration of Service on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to honor those who gave their lives and to shine a spotlight on senior poverty. Fueled by 3,000 volunteers, more than a million meals were packaged and delivered to DC area food banks in collaboration with the Capital Area Food Bank to help struggling seniors in our nation’s capital.

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Bat Dogs - As American As Apple Pie!
This may very well be the happiest, saddest video I have ever seen. Better have a box of tissue on standby... With 27 World Series championships, the New York Yankees have a rich winning tradition. But there's one tradition in the storied Yankees organization that's as regal if of somewhat less renown: the 'bat dog' family of the Trenton Thunder, the Double-A affiliate.

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Death-Defying Performance By The Skating Aratas
The Skating Aratas in a Death-Defying Performance. This roller-skating couple performed some of the most dangerous stunts I\'ve every seen! They never need to worry about keeping the excitement in their marriage!
Added: 27th February 2012
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Drama Mine | Keep It Real Ya All!
A little unclear on what Dramamine is for.
Added: 2nd July 2014
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Non-Profit Hand Paints Shoes As Random Act Of Kindness
A pair of shoes can go a long way. Peach's Neet Feet is a non-profit which hand paints personalized shoes for children living will illness and disabilities. Madison Steiner, also known as Peach, created Peach's Neet Feet to promote kindness and selfless acts of giving. It's obvious how happy these children and parents are when they receive their freshly laced up sneakers!
Added: 9th October 2014
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Why One Woman Takes Her Piano On The Road... And In The Air!
Pianist Daria van den Bercken fell in love with the baroque keyboard music of George Frideric Handel. Now, she aims to ignite this passion in others. In this talk, she plays us through the emotional roller coaster of his music — while sailing with her piano through the air, driving it down the street, and of course playing on the stage.
Added: 6th January 2015
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Tags TEDTalk TEDTalks TED Talk TED Talks TED Daria van den Bercken music piano

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Mary Did You Know - A Cappella - 7th Ave (Official Video)
"Mary, Did You Know?" is a Christmas song with lyrics written by Mark Lowry and music written by Buddy Greene. 7th Ave is a group of vocalists, brought together in 2016 by Chris Rupp, the founder of Home Free. The band members are Chris Rupp, Kelley Jakle, Adam Bastien and Tristin Rupp with special guest Marie Nicole.
Added: 2nd December 2017
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Tags home free pentatonix peter hollens church

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Cat Shows The 8 Signs Of Addiction
Shorty the cat knows what it's like to battle addiction; she's got it real bad for that banana. Watch for these 8 signs of addiction to confront your own behaviour and transfer all that compulsion to The ShoKo Show! Music is Faster Does It by Kevin MacLeod,
Added: 1st June 2014
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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Official PaperDolls)
Thank you to the city of Sandpoint for letting us take the streets for a day! We love our mountain home! Merry Christmas! #LightTheWorld Band-Meghan, Kendra, Alisa, LaRae, Joseph, Ammon, Zach Patton Filmed by-Joseph and Ammon Walker Edited by-Joseph Walker Music Production-Fuel on Fire

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Cute Sleepy Kids
What's cuter than a baby sleeping? Here to brighten your day are our Top 10 favorite clips of little ones dozing off!
Added: 3rd July 2013
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