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Dog Rescued From Mountaintop Is Making People Fall In Love With Pit Bulls
Dog Rescued From Mountaintop Is Making People Fall In Love With Pit Bulls | This sweet dog was abandoned on a mountaintop in winter - now she's giving big, soft pittie kisses everywhere she goes.

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Dogs Cats And Bird React to What the Fluff Challenge Compilation
These pets are simply dumbfounded when their humans magically disappear... well most of them.

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Summer Gardening Life Hacks
5 Awesome life hacks for your garden this summer! Great tips and ideas for watering plants, painting your fence, planting seeds and treating weeds!

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Sick Girl Meets Dog Who Completely Changes Her Life
Sick Girl Meets Dog Who Completely Changes Her Life | This woman suffers from chronic illnesses and decided to foster animals to keep her company at home. After fostering hundreds of pets, one day she met a sick little pit bull who she knew had to be hers forever. Today on Soulmates, watch how much these two have in common, and how much they help each other cope - true soulmates!!

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This Bluegrass Band's Music Will Move Your Soul
Bluegrass band Meadow Mountain performs live! "SoulPancake LIVE: An Evening on Mental Health" was an on-stage event in Downtown Los Angeles with host Alison Becker, featuring special guests Karamo Brown, Brian Finkelstein, Italome Ohikhuare, Meadow Mountain and more! Sponsored by Why We Rise, benefitting Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis support in the US.

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World's smallest monkey has the cutest babies
How ridiculously adorable are our two Pygmy Marmoset babies that were were born at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia two weeks ago. The twin marmoset babies only weigh around 15grams, and with mum only weighing in around 100grams, although they are tiny - boy they are big in comparison.

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Wild Chipmunk Chooses Nicest Lady To Be His New BFF - VAN GOGH
This wild chipmunk can't stop visiting his favorite person - he even comes running when she calls his name!

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Amazing elephant friendship with human
At Elephant Nature Park , we consider all lives here as a person. They are our family members. Animals and humans are different in few regards. They need attention, love and respect. If we care deeply, that love is so often reciprocated. Respect ourselves. Respect all lives.

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Rasta Children feat. Nattali Rize | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
One evening, a few years ago in Bahia, Brazil, the PFC crew and I were waiting for an 80-year-old cuica player to perform on a Song Around The World. I remember it seemed to take forever for him to make it down the hill, as he would stop off in every bar along the way for a drink and some conversation. As we waited I looked and saw a Rastaman walking across the street with his acoustic guitar in hand. I waved to him and he came over to see what we were doing with all our equipment. I told him about Playing For Change and he agreed to play a song for us while we were waiting. The result was an incredible, spontaneous performance of Dennis Brown's "Rasta Children." His voice reminded me of Peter Tosh and he sang with so much soul that we realized this could be an amazing Song Around The World. Just one man and his guitar playing on the street set the tone for this song and we added a worldwide band of roots musicians around him. "I and I deal with humanity"

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Superformance Corvette Grand Sports - Jay Leno's Garage
Lance Stander and Ken Lingenfelter have given these legendary racers modern power plants and drive trains that are proper tributes with incredible performance.

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Newborn Goat Hector Makes Friends with Barn Kittens
Hector the Nigerian Dwarf baby goat is just 2 days old. His Mama Amelia Earhart is a little protective of her only kid (most goats have 3-4 babies at once!) While he waits for cousins to be born in the stall next door, he has befriended the three barn kittens. Mom is not so sure about this plan! The kittens did inspire him to climb the wood shavings bale for the first time!

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Vibrating Alligators - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
Vibrating Alligators - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
Added: 9th July 2018
Views: 877
Tags best vines 2018 funny vines funny videos funniest videos 2018

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Best Pets of the Week | July 2018 Week 1
From a dog singing and playing piano, baby deer running through a puddle, a chicken that can open the front door to failed fluff challenges, these are just a few of the funny clips you will see into day's video. Enjoy!

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Gaither Vocal Band - We'll Talk It Over (Live)
Music video by Gaither Vocal Band performing We'll Talk It Over. 2018 Spring House Productions, Inc.
Added: 8th July 2018
Views: 1241
Tags Gaither Vocal Band We'll Talk It Over Music Group (HSE) Christian

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Donkey found hiding in shed with rope severing his leg
We found a donkey hiding in a shed with a horrific injury on his leg caused by a rope that had been tied around his leg for many weeks. The tight rope had caused a deep wound that was severely infected, necrotic and infested with maggots. It was so painful he couldn't bear any weight on the injured leg at all. We feared we wouldn't be able to save his mangled leg, but after several weeks of treatment, this gentle boy started to recovery...

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This World Is Not My Home - The Moron Brothers
Bluegrass Gospel Music performed by Kentucky's Moron Brothers. You stomp your feet and clap your hands to this one. It's ok to shout!

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Funny Dogs vs. Grapefruit: Funny Dogs Potpie & Maymo
Watch cute puppy Potpie and funny dog Maymo battle a grapefruit! Cute puppy Potpie is introduced to a grapefruit for the first time - and he can't decide whether he loves or hates the bitter-sour citrus fruit. When his beagle brother Maymo joins in the fun, things get crazy!

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St Bernard Dogs and Babies Compilation (2018)
Saint Bernard's are gentle giants watch them play and show love to their baby friends. Babies and dogs are best friends! Funny children and their huge dogs ...

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Enjoy some perfectly timed photos. The cow jumping over the dogs is my favorite, what's yours?

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The Shetland Ponies are now doing the Laundry!  Albert And Ernie
It can't all be Spa days for the ponies, they have to do a few chores to help out to.... Albert and Ernie are Shetland ponies. They are super clever and work as part of my Liberty Team. We love making adverts...they have now done a few. Thanks for watching. For more information you can follow me on Facebook or see my website

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Doc Brown's DeLorean - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay joins "Back to the Future" Creator Bob Gale, and Restorers Terry Matalas and Joe Walser to go in-depth with one of the most iconic movie cars of all time in this incredibly detailed recreation of the DeLorean time machine.

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You can still buy a brand new DeLorean, straight from the factory
The original DeLorean factory in Northern Ireland may be long gone but you can still buy a factory fresh example of the most iconic gull-winged doored car.
Added: 7th July 2018
Views: 720
Tags Cars XCAR

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Puppies Abandoned In Dangerous Place Get Rescued Just In Time
These puppies were found abandoned on side of a busy road and saved by Howl Of A Dog Rescue. The puppies were only a few meters away from the road and the danger of them getting into the traffic and being hit by cars was huge, so they were really lucky to be saved just in time. There was a plastic crate where the puppies were found and a cut plastic bottle with some water still left on its bottom, most probably left by the people or person who abandoned the little ones. It's so sad that, despite of many free neuter/spay programs that are now available in Romania, some people still choose to leave their dogs unaltered and abandon the unwanted puppies. The puppies had their fur all covered in fleas and dirt, so we cleaned them as soon as we arrived home. They were dewormed, received supplements and flea treatment appropriate for their age and started the vaccinations. The puppies are now 3 months old and they are an endless source of joy and smiles.

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