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Takoda The Black Bear Cools Down In Tub
Black bear Takoda enjoys a soak in his tub on a hot day. Video by Philip Fensterer.

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5 home remedies that repel mosquitoes
This video will reveal 5 of the best ways to repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer!
Added: 7th June 2016
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7 Minutes in Kitten Heaven Video Compilation
From cute kittens hugging to adorable cats giving high fives, this video is proof that kittens are heavenly.

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Animals Are The Best At Making Us Laugh!
This compilation is here to make your day and cheer you up. I'm sure you will laugh watching these funny animal clips. Hope you find all this dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, squirrels, raccoons, crabs and other animals very funny and cute :) Which is your favorite animal clip?

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Babies Laughing at Cats Compilation
Babies Laughing at Cats Compilation Baby laugh can cure everything! If you are in a bad mood, these babies laughing hysterically at cats will make your day ...

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Dog lovingly babysits cute baby goats
Betty the Pyrenean Mountain Dog takes some time out of her day to watch and play with several very young and very adorable goats. Look at how nice they all get
Added: 6th June 2016
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Nature: Arizona's Sonoran Desert
We leave you this Sunday Morning among flowers in bloom in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, near Pinnacle Peak. Videographer: Phil Giriodi.

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Watermelon dog treats
Your dog will love the flavor and the chill!
Added: 6th June 2016
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Rhonda Vincent & The Rage - All About the Banjo
Rhonda Vincent & The Rage perform Aaron McDaris's instrumental, "All About the Banjo," live in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU's Bluegrass Country.

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There's Nobody Else Quite Like You
Out of everyone around the globe, what makes you #1in7billion? Watch as Rob Cantor, sings his latest song, "There's Nobody Else Quite Like You," set to funny clips and photos from the Internet.

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Big Bird Bounces Golf ball On Cart Path (Twice!)
A big Seriema bird appearing to entertain himself by bouncing golf balls on the cart path. Does he think its a large egg?

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14 Hilarious Pet Videos 2016
Puppies in watermelons? Sharks hugging scuba divers? Baby ostriches...dancing? That's right! Join us as we watch these fourteen funny videos - featuring pets ...

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Goat reaches fruit by balancing on a donkey!
Now this is true friendship! A donkey allows his goat friend to balance on top of him while reaching for fruit in a tree. Bet you haven't seen a sight like
Added: 5th June 2016
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Hilarious Pet Memes Compilation 2016
The guys and gals at Pet Collective couldn't resist turning these pet videos into memes - a goat with a guitar and a pig munching on a strawberry warrants it. Here's some of their favorites! See which one(s) you like best.

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Great horned owls learn to fly
At the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center we work with all sorts of birds of prey; one of the largest raptors in our care is the Great Horned Owl. Over two dozen babies have come in for care this spring season because they lost their nest, have injuries from leaving the safety of their parents too early, or we just couldn’t reunify them with their parents. As with all our patients, we will raise them to learn the ways of the wild and return them to where they started just as soon as they can survive on their own.

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Cutest kangaroo ever sunbathes
Info from Licensor: Indi just loves rolling about and relaxing in the sun in her dugout at The Kangaroo Sanctuary.
Added: 4th June 2016
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Tags adorable funny animal kangaroo sunbathe funny kangaroo sanctuary kanguro

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Little Girl Sheds Tears Of Joy Receiving Doll With Matching Prosthetic Leg
A little girl's reaction to seeing her new doll will warm your heart. For 10-year-old Emma Bennett, it is no ordinary doll. Emma has a prosthetic leg and was filmed crying for joy because her doll has a prosthetic leg too. The American Girl doll was made just for Emma. The video of her getting the gift has now gone viral with over 10 million views and counting. Courtney teamed up with Step Ahead Prosthetics to try and get the doll custom made for Emma.

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Labrador puppy chills out in baby swing
When these people decided to put their puppy in the baby swing, they definitely didn't think this was going to happen. Look at how she just lays there and
Added: 4th June 2016
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UNAC 22TRR Road-Rail Excavator
The UNAC 22TRR is the new road-rail excavator made by UNAC. It is capable to handle very high loads, on track as well as on its standard wheels, and it presents very good earth moving capabilities.

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Cutest Funny Kids and Baby Videos of 2016 Weekly Compilation
What better way to start the day than a compilation of hilarious videos of the cutest kids and babies being funny! I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

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Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! Compilation 2016
We've got puppies, puppies, and more puppies for your viewing pleasure here on the Pet Collective; Goldens, Samoyeds, Pomeranians... the list goes on.

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Dudley and Destiny: The world's happiest cow couple
Dudley and Destiny are residents at the Gentle Barn, a sanctuary in Tennessee. They are two individuals who clearly share an incredibly tight bond. This is the
Added: 3rd June 2016
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Roller Rabbit Finds Love: Cute As Fluff
A DISABLED rabbit who is unable to use its legs gets around in a mini wheelchair.

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