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Searching for China's Ancient Tea Leaves
Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, first cultivated over 6,000 years ago in ancient China. Shunan Teng is on a mission to experience it in its most authentic, historic form. Her love for tea knows no bounds, as she travels halfway around the world, up steep mountains and through remote jungles in search of the world's oldest tea trees. Now, through Tea Drunk, a teahouse in New York City, she's giving others the opportunity to be steeped in history.

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Spa Day Pets | Funny Pet Compilation 2018
These pets are relaxed and ready for an amazing day! Nothing is better than a great massage and some pampering to get you ready for the week ahead!

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Too slim box and Maru
Maru gets into the slim box. The dent of the box fits his tail.
Added: 2nd May 2018
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Tags Maru cat kitty pets

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The Secret life of Horses - honeysada
Horses are amazing creatures and certainly to watch them play is something extraordinary. It's a magical moment when a half-ton animal jumps playfully up the air like a little kitten... All horses here are adult horses, the youngest are two mares Corona and Blue. On a quiet evening, all of them get into this playful behavior and they take off running across the meadow bucking and jumping... for no apparent reason. The best explanation is that they are happy and in an excellent mood, they exuberantly release energy with this kind of play. Extra credit to Corona who was fully involved with honeysada in making this video ..
Added: 2nd May 2018
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Tags horses horse Wyoming horses wild west yellowstone horse play

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Deaf Dog Inspires Couple to Save More Dogs Like Him
Deaf Dog Inspires Couple to Save More Dogs Like Him | This couple adopted a gorgeous deaf dog and taught him sign language. Then they realized dogs like him had no chance of surviving in shelters and decided to save them all.

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Best Pets of the Month Video Compilation| April 2018
Here are all of the best pet videos of the month of April! This year is flying by and that means more hilarious dogs, adorable kittens, and even guinea pigs, ducklings, and parrots! Enjoy this month's awesome pets!

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Massive Dog Adopts Special Needs Goat - SAMMY & CHANCE
Massive Dog Adopts Special Needs Goat | Sammy is a 200-pound mastiff who is SO sweet and protective around a little rescue goat named Chance. Today on Odd Couples, watch Sammy let Chance head butt him and steal his bed - because he loves his goat BFF more than anyone in the world.

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The E/O: Olga Henry (Slackliner)
Meet incredible slacklining athlete Olga Henry and hear her inspiring story and powerful motivational message! The E/O is a series of documentaries showcasing people with extraordinary abilities that reveals the personal stories behind the incredible skills you've seen on People are Awesome.

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The Greatest Goat Kid PJ Party Ever!
We have had 48 Nigerian Dwarf Goat kids born at the farm in the past two weeks. Now they are anywhere from 3 days old to 2 weeks old. They are getting so feisty so today we decided to let most of them out so their mamas could have their morning grain in peace without the kids jumping in their food and we had a fun pajama party. Our granddaughter Max especially loved it. Even the barn cat Virginia thought the kids looked pretty cute. A number of people have made us pajamas over the years so that we have a way to keep kids warm if they are born on super chilly Maine nights. But since we never get to see them all in action, I thought it would be a fun way to thank the sewers by making a video showing off all their work! I hope you all have a week as fun and hoppy as the goats!! If it gets rough, just watch goats on repeat. That's what I do! Big love from the farm.

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Sign Language News (Texas Country Reporter)
Alex Abenchuchan delivers the daily news from his home in Buda - but are his viewers listening? HUGE THANK YOU to the Travis County Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Jeremy Weston for providing interpreting services for this feature. Alex Abenchuchan The Daily Moth Buda, TX Website:

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Jack and Tim receive GOLDEN BUZZER from Simon Cowell!
The father-son duo, Jack and Tim, from Norwich get Simon's golden buzzer for their wonderful audition on Britain's Got Talent 2018, singing their own song, "The Lucky Ones".

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5 Signs You Work With Cats
If you work with cats in the office everyday, you can probably relate! Anyone else have a office supurrvisor? :)

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Goggles Made For Adventurous Dogs
Rex Specs goggles protect your dog's eyes during playful adventures. They're perfect for sandy days at the beach or blustering car rides. The spherical lens does not limit your dogs vision and they come in many sizes.

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Just look at these incredible plants, which you can easily grow in your own kitchen! Find out how to grow an exotic pineapple, celery, grass in the eggshells, make natural homemade coffee fertilizer.

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Rescue Wolfdog Finds A New Pack to Howl With - SARGE
Rescue Wolfdog Finds A New Pack to Howl With | When this wolfdog's family couldn't keep him anymore, the best people took him in - and they knew he was home when he started howling with his pack.

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Super funny sheep and goat videos that will make you laugh extremely hard! This compilation is the most impossible try not to laugh challenge ever! Just look how all these goats and sheep behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :)

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Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson - I Can't Even Walk
Written by Colbert and Joyce Croft in 1975, "I Can't Even Walk" has been recorded many times but remains an elusive "diamond in the rough" in terms of popularity. Jamie is one of the most versatile musicians that graced these recordings and we see her doing what she does best; she found this song and put together an arrangement that places it second to no other. The roots of Southern Gospel reach back to a time when singing together was a way of life. People would come from miles around to join in song, and be a part of something that was bigger than each individual could ever be on their own. It was a real community of both Faith and music.

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Bears in our pool
Gatlinburg TN. August 2017.
Added: 29th April 2018
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Tags bears pool Gatlinburg tn

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Animals Reunited with Families After So Long Apart
Animals Reunited with Families After So Long Apart | These animals are all about to see their families again after so long apart - and their reunions are so SWEET.

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Puppy With Swimmer Syndrome Teaches Herself To Run - STARFISH
When this puppy was rescued, she was named Starfish because she could only lie flat like a pancake. But she REALLY wanted to keep up with her family - and she took their breath away when she decided to teach herself to run.

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Girl Without A Hand Plays on Stage with The Piano Guys - Random Acts
Girl Without A Hand Plays on Stage with The Piano Guys - Random Acts. In the summer of 2017, Kiarra Dalley had a terrible accident during a High School shop class that unfortunately resulted in the loss of her hand. Random Act teams up with The Piano Guys for an unforgettable experience for this young aspiring pianist and dancer.

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