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Andre Rieu - The Veterans Concert Clip 1
In the fourth episode of Andre Rieu's "Welcome to my World" Andre invites over 3000 veterans to join him on the Vrijthof to celebrate Armed Forces Day. He meets the 'forces sweetheart' Dame Vera Lynn and opens his heart about how the war impacted his own family. Clip 1 of 5. Order your copy of Welcome to my World at: http://smarturl.it/w2mw

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Incredibly smart 2-year-old quickly recites capital cities
You will not believe how smart this little girl is as she fires off many different capitals while being quizzed by her mother. It's amazing how fast she knows
Added: 21st June 2016
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Where Dollars Die (and are Reborn)
Turns out, your old cash has a very green afterlife. When money gets too old and worn out for circulation, it gets sent back to the Federal Reserve to be shred and turned into … compost? Yep. Million-dollar compost. Money may not grow on trees, but trees can grow from money.

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Cats and Dogs Hate Taking Baths Compilation
If you thought little kids were difficult to take a bath, wait until you see this compilation of home videos of cats, dogs and other pets getting down and dirty.

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Hey Bear!
Trash bear in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Golden Retriever goes crazy for yoga ball!
Jasper the Golden Retriever has some impressive soccer skills! Think you could top those moves? Filmed in Webster, New York.
Added: 20th June 2016
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Slackline Tricks over the Waves | People are Awesome
This week we have some awesome footage of Petrucci slacklining over the ocean at Rio de Janeiro, check out her awesome flips and tricks in this incredible video.

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Baby Elephant Attempts To Scare The Cows
Baby elephant Navann, The playful prince of Elephant Nature Park animal sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, attempts to intimidate a herd of cows. The cows watch closely but seem to be more amused than intimidated.

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A Father and Daughter's Artistic Collaboration
For years the relationship between photographer William Eggleston and his daughter, fabric designer Andra Eggleston, was strained - until she came up with an idea: transform her father's abstract drawings into textiles. The project has changed the way father and daughter see each other, as Anthony Mason reports.

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Water-loving Westie refuses to exit pool
Christy and her owner enjoy a lovely afternoon swim in their pool. In fact, Christy loves the water so much that she literally jumps right back in when she's

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7 fantastic health benefits of ginger tea and how to make it
Ginger is a great source of many vitamins and minerals that your body needs for good health. Reap its benefits by using the best technique to make ginger tea.
Added: 19th June 2016
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Dog and baby share precious moment together
Charlie and Barkley are best friends and can be seen here lounging on the couch. These two definitely love each other so much! Credit to @marycware
Added: 18th June 2016
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10 Easy Food Hacks You Can Do At Home
Top 10 easy kitchen tips and tricks you can do to make your food experience better!

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Bridesmaid hand feeds huge iguana
It was a beautiful destination wedding in Mexico and an unexpected guest showed up, much to everyone's delight. A huge iguana waited patiently for the ceremony

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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME | Awesome Dads and Kids Edition
This week's compilation is a father's day special, a celebration of all the awesome dads raising awesome kids!

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The Secret Anti-Counterfeit Symbol
You can't copy money. Like really, it's not just illegal, you just can't do it on a photocopier.

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Fighter jet pilot drinks water cup while flying upside down
A fighter jet pilot puts gravity to the test and attempts to drink a cup of water while flying upside down. Will it spill?!

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