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Cat Expresses Dissatisfaction With Vet
Cat Expresses Dissatisfaction With Vet. Henri 3, Le Vet. Being a cat is tough, especially if you're a French cat named Henri. In this episode Henri becomes quite frustrated with his trip to the vet and he thinks everyone is against him. See if you can figure out what he says at the end. Website: Music for this video is "The Good and Bad Heart", by Will Braden
Added: 26th June 2012
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Best Birthday Present EVER!
Joshua Carr's daughter gets the best birthday surprise ever when she opens this giant present on her 3rd birthday.
Added: 19th February 2014
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Animal world is by far the funniest world - Funny animal compilation
The animal world is full of funny and ridiculous moments, moments that can make anyone laugh. Animals are so cute and their behavior is so hilarious. Just look at all these cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, bears, goats, squirrels, otters, deer... how they behave, how they make funny sounds, fail, play, eat... ! What is your favorite clip? :)

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Dogs vs. Windshield Wipers
For these dogs, windshield wipers are unknown scary things that must be destroyed!

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Headless Biker Prank
A biker appears to lose his head when a construction worker "accidently" hits him with a two by four. The severed head rolls on the ground laughing. The facial expressions of the victums are priceless! A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags.
Added: 23rd March 2012
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Pandemonium Panda
Panda falls down a hill. You may have heard the rumor that the Giant Panda is more closely related to cats than other bears. This is actually false, but you can ...
Added: 7th December 2015
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Tags Giant Panda (Animal) Tourist Destination Pandemonium Panda ravine helpers

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Sand Artist Extraordinaire
Kseniya Simonova, a young Ukrainian girl tells an entire story using nothing but sand and her hands to create images.
Added: 31st January 2011
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It's a Beautiful Day!
Listen to "It's A Beautiful Day" as we watch Murkin the rescued shelter dog go for a car ride!! Murkin loves to wear his canine seat belt and "doggles" while riding in the car. Did you know that during a collision at 35 mph, a 60lb dog like Murkin will slam into the back of the driver's seat, windshield, or a passenger with an impact force of over 2700 lbs? This is one of the many reasons why canine seat belts are so essential, especially in larger breed dogs. For the safety of others, please share this video and help spread the word! Dogs need seat belts too! **Best viewed full screen in 720p HD. For more Murkin videos, check out our youtube channel at, Facebook at Filmed with a sony handycam hdr cx-360. Music by Tim McMorris : "Its a Beautiful Day"
Added: 17th April 2012
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5 Cubs and Mama Bear Take Over Family Pool!
The Basso family, Rockaway Township, N.J., found a black bear and her five cubs jumping in to cool off in their backyard pool. Tim Basso was watching the bears frolic in the pool with his two daughters, ages 3 and 5, who are heard offering commentary throughout the video alongside their mother and father. There are 2 videos, the first one is 2 minutes long and the second fun video is 9 minutes long and will auto play after the first one.
Added: 21st August 2015
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Cutest Puppies Barking Compilation
If you listen carefully you will find these little puppies have lots to say! If you don't have one... this might make you want to go visit your local animal shelter and give some little guy or girl a forever home.

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Black Bike Parkour
Andrew Dickey takes you on a bicycle tour of Melbourne\'s cultural icons. He mixes the crazy jumps and intense heights of Parkour with BMX biking to create an unreal video. Don\'t try this at home! Music: Attack Ships on Fire, Architect.
Added: 25th March 2012
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Denver The Guilty Dog Strikes Again!
You will know why she is called 'Denver The Guilty Dog' when you see the expressions on her face and the red around her mouth. Busted! ( Denver says the cat made her do it. ).

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Perfectionists: Rufus - The Real Hawk-Eye
Until Rufus made his home in this stadium it had been plagued by pesky pigeons for years. Now, Rufus RULES!
Added: 26th June 2014
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Free-Diving With A Great White Shark - Awesome
In Variables, Patagonia ambassador Kimi Werner strives to find her place in the ecosystem. She treads the line between predator and prey - eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place. Cinematography: Morgan Ball, Freddy Booth, Sterling Kaya, Kyle Nakamoto, Justin Turkowski, Captain Chris Wade, Kimi Werner Editing: Justin Turkowski
Added: 12th May 2013
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Great Dane Will Not Listen When Human Says No
Dinky the Great Dane begs for some of dad's lunch and will not take no for an answer. A couple of other dogs wait patently for Dinky to score and as we all know she does! Not sure about the dogs name, one time owner Ron Cameron calls her Linda and another time Dinky. All three dogs are beautiful!
Added: 23rd August 2015
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Reigning Cat, and Dog - Henri 10
"Just when I think they have exhausted all means of insulting me. Now this." -Henri

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Man, Horse and 3 Dogs - A Day At The Beach!
Brian Reid, his beautiful horse, Brenda Lee, and their 3 dog pals ( Eddie, Lucy & Red ) have a grand day at the beach. Wouldn't you just love to be there with them?

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Unbelievable No-Look Trick Shots Performed By A Little Girl
Riley Dashwood ( age 6 ) performs several amazing no-look trick shots using things from around the house. We promise this is real. No special or visual effects. Trick shot kid = persistence. Attempts: Short tube: 12 (several successes) Yellow paper ball: 64 Long tube: 1 (First go, no joke) Tennis ball rebound: 1hour x4 days (4 hours) approx 300 Spoon in cup: 12 Milk: 36 (over 2 days) DVD: 34 Toothbrush: 136 Toaster: 54 -- Toilet roll holder: 142 (close, but not achieved)
Added: 18th July 2015
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Moyo The Baby Elephant Causes Havoc At Home
There's an elephant in the room! Moyo the orphaned baby elephant makes himself at home in caretaker Roxy’s house. Nature's Miracle Orphans: Series 2 Episode 1 Preview - BBC One

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Magical Sunset Selfies
This collection started while John Marshall spent some time living in a small cabin on Frye Island, Maine. After watching gorgeous sunsets right out his back door, he decided to start a creative project his is calling Sunset Selfies. When I’m on the island, he make one cardboard cutout each night and take a silhouette picture with it. John Marshall is the guy behind the cardboard. He's a nine-time Emmy award-winning TV producer and writer as well as the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Wide-Open World.
Added: 9th October 2015
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Tags Magical Sunset Selfies

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Shake It Off Parroty - Kili Swift Dancing Parrot
In this video, Kili the 6 year old Senegal Parrot goes dancing to the Taylor Swift hit Shake It Off. Watch this little green parrot dance and show you how to get down! It's no parody, it's a music video parroty starring Kili the famous Senegal Parrot. Check out the book about achieving a well-behaved parrot: The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots
Added: 9th January 2015
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Tags Taylor Swift (Celebrity) Shake It Off Parrot Dance Dancing Parroty Parody

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The Real Santas AKA The Garage Sale Queens
Meet a substitute Santa who brings blankets, coats, & holiday warmth to those less fortunate. Shaela Wilson Austin, TX Web: Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: TCR #1112, 12-20-2008
Added: 23rd December 2013
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Policeman Gets ice cream In Face!
A clumsy policeman gets his head stuck in the window of his police cruiser. As victims try to get him out, an angry epic old man shows up and attacks the police officer with his ice cream.
Added: 14th August 2011
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Best Of Funny Parrots Annoying Dogs Compilation || NEW HD
A parrot can be very annoying. Check out this compilation of funny parrots giving dogs a hard time.

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