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Vintage Road Sign Paintings
Take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic art collection of old road signs. On display at Bennie's Attic, 113 Oak St., Sweetwater, TX 795556. Phone # - 325-320-5364.
Added: 9th March 2011
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Dogs And Sleds And Snowmen
In this funny winter compilation by Petsami, come watch and laugh at our dogs riding sleds and destroying snowmen.
Added: 15th December 2013
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Mariza The Stubborn Donkey
Sometimes its hard to move a stubborn donkey. http://www.aniboom.com/ animator-portfolio/Conkrys
Added: 22nd November 2012
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Quick and Simple Life Hacks 10
A list of seven interesting Life Hacks you can apply to your daily life to save time and money. For a full description of each, read on below.
Added: 31st July 2013
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Maggie The Mathematical Dog
Here's a cute little Jack Russell Terrier named Maggie that does several amazing tricks including answering math question by counting with her left foot. How does she do it?
Added: 8th April 2012
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Funniest Cute Puppies Compilation
Funniest Cute Puppies Compilation These puppies are so cute! http://1d07ee6d.goneviral.com
Added: 26th February 2014
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Basketball stuck on rim in final seconds of game
Kansas Mid-East League 8th Grade Basketball League tournament 3rd place game. Score is (Riley County Falcons ~white) 26-25 (black ~Rock Creek Mustangs) with only seconds left in the game. Falcons win due to time running out on the clock

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Try Not To Laugh At These Funny Dog Videos Weekly Compilation
AFV challenges you to Try Not To Laugh at these hilarious funny dog videos, clips, bloopers and other great moments caught on tape.
Added: 1st November 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet weekly comp compilation try not to laugh

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This Man Loves His Job
An ice cream vendor toys around with a customer and he is very good to watch.
Added: 14th October 2011
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Baby monkey plays tag with toddler
A little girl becomes best friends with a zoo monkey. Watch as they play everyone's favorite childhood game, tag, before sharing a kiss! For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.youtube.com/petsami
Added: 13th May 2013
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12 Days Of Christmas (Dog Version)
On The First Day Of Christmas My Parents Gave To Me... http://www.thepetcollective.tv This is the dog version of the traditional "Twelve Days Of Christmas" song sung by an eight year old boy! Producer/Writer/Editor/GFX - Nick Fabiano Writer - Matt Pagourgis Writer - Ben Stumpf GFX/Titles - Phil Cruess Composer - Alex Collister Singer - Jackson
Added: 11th December 2013
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Seal Drags Girl into Waters
Sea LionDrags the girl who's playing with it into the waters. A man jumps immediately for her rescue.

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Simons Cat in Fowl Play'
http://www.simonscat.com -- A crafty cat plans a Christmas caper.
Added: 14th December 2011
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Who doesn't love giant bubbles?!!! Feast your eyes on the footage we captured after we made our very own bubble wand! We got the "J-Lube" off of Amazon, just type it in and you should find it. Glycerine is a good substitute if you can't find "J-Lube" powder. Visit our website here to find link to purchase J-LUBE powder... http://MovieMagicNow.com Special thanks to NightHawkInLight's "How to Make Giant Bubbles" video tutorial !!!! Music by Big Fok ----- http://BigFok.com In Association with PBS Digital Studios ---- http://youtube.com/user/ PBSDigitalStudios
Added: 9th October 2013
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Baby's First Crawl With Her Dog Has Cutest Ending Ever
Our little girl crawls for the first time on video but what happened next melted our hearts! Labs are the best family dog ever!
Added: 5th November 2014
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German Shepherd Dog Sings Better Than His Human - Funny!
Meet Maximus, the singing German Shepherd! His owner recently discovered that his dog liked to howl whenever he heard people singing, so he decided to see if he could capture him on video while singing Eduard Khil's popular 'Trolololo' song. I think the dog sings best! rumble.com/ v2zf6n-singing-shepherd-maximus.html
Added: 24th November 2014
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Regular OK Cat Song
Not every cat looks strange, can do a trick, or be famous. Our friend from Depressed Song returns with her regular, okay cat. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Added: 5th February 2014
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Dogdance Freestyle - Sandra and Lizzy
Dogdance Freestyle - Sandra and Lizzy
Added: 18th February 2015
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Tags OEC open european championship Sandra Roth Lizzy Dogdance Freestyle

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Mom - (Mother's Day) (Home Free Cover)
To all the Moms. Happy early Mother's Day! Mother's Day is a modern celebration honoring one's own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. I'm sharing this with my Mom right now! homefreemusic.com.
Added: 29th April 2015
Views: 23595
Tags Mother's Day (Holiday) mom Garth Brooks (Musical Artist)

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The Weirdest Cutest Funniest Animals of 2016 Weekly Compilation | Kyoot Animals
AFV highlights the most hilarious bloopers and reactions from weirdest pet and animal home videos. Some times the weirdest pets are the cutest ones!
Added: 21st August 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet reaction reactions blooper bloope...

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Not your AVERAGE JOE!! Dancing Car Salesman Joseph Barzelay
Eastern Shore Hyundai Daphne Dance OFF... The Dancing Car Sales Manager Joseph Barzelay
Added: 18th November 2013
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Sky Racers! - Dubai! - Flying in 4K - Parabatix
This was shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates This was mostly shot on a Canon 1DC in 4k, and a Glidecam HD 4000. http://www.glidecam.com/ http://www.parabatix.com
Added: 17th March 2014
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Doberman Chases A Squirrel - In Her Dreams!
A Doverman named Sullivan has a dream about cathcing a squirrel...or is it a dream? Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic extrememusic.com
Added: 14th April 2014
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Vietnam War Documentary (Texas Country Reporter)
See how two filmmakers crossed an ocean and 40 years of time to honor 3 Texas veterans. Michael Grigsby & Rebekah Tolley Tarian Films We Went to War Menard, TX Phone: 325-396-5088 Website: http://www.wewenttowarthemovie.com/ Home.html Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ TexasCountryReporter Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TCRbob TCR #1306, 09-08-2012
Added: 26th April 2014
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Why It Is Great to Have A Younger Sibling
The excitement of welcoming a new family member can be overwhelming for anyone - especially an older brother or sister! Here are some of the best reasons why younger siblings are so great - watch as these reactions are too funny to pass up! www.hooplaha.com
Added: 8th July 2014
Views: 21438

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