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100 Yr Old Keeps Sharp Playing Nintendo DS
A sprightly centenarian has revealed the secret to staying sharp in old age - playing VIDEO GAMES. Instead of knitting or playing bingo Kathleen Kit Connell, known as Kit, spends two hours a day tapping away at her favourite console. And the grandmother-of-one, who still lives independently, said she has used the Nintendo DS Lite, so much she even wore out her first console and had to replace the computer. Kit, who according to the game has the mental age of 64, said: "It's absolutely super. I don't feel a day over 80. "I can't speak highly enough of it.
Added: 2nd February 2012
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Funny cats annoying babies - Cute cat & baby compilation
Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again
Added: 20th September 2014
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My Moms Motorcycle!
This is a short film about how one young mans mom became the owner of a motorcycle. More deeply it is about how people use objects to connect with times, ideas, and people. Music License purchased through The Music Bed. Music: Dexter Britain, "A Time To Run: Chris Wallbrech, "The Grave" and "Untitled" YOU CAN VOTE FOR THIS VIDEO HERE:
Added: 4th June 2014
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FUNNY PIGS (HD) [Funny Pets]
Watch these pigs do their thing and try not to laugh, its too funny!

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Funny Videos From A Ducks Life - Funny Ducks Compilation
Ducks | Duck | Funny Videos | Funny Ducks | Funny Duck | Funny Duck Videos | Duck Funny | Funny Videos 2014 | Cute Duck | Funny Ducks Compilation | Funny Ducklings | Duck Compilation | Funny Ducks Videos

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)
Watch the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, coming to theaters December 18, 2015.

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Hope For Paws - Meet Boots and Babs!
These two special dogs only wanted to be loved, but someone didn't care and dumped them in an industrial area to fend for themselves. Never fear, a happy ending is near! Please donate $5 and help us save more dogs like Boots and Babs: To adopt them, please contact our friends at Doggie Bonez Rescue:
Added: 14th March 2017
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Tags Eldad Hagar Hope For Paws Lisa Arturo

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Cute Cat Begging for Fish Treats
Cute Cat Begs for Fish Treats
Added: 3rd December 2014
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Kenny Chesney - Christmas in Blue Chair Bay
Music video by Kenny Chesney performing Christmas in Blue Chair Bay. (C) 2014 Blue Chair Records, LLC, under exclusive license to Sony Music Nashville, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Horse Action at Turtle Ranch
Horse Action at Turtle Ranch
Added: 11th February 2015
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Tags Horse (Domesticated Animal)

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Cole and Marmalade - A Kitten A Cat & A Weasel Ball
Cole & Marmalade encounter a strange new "cat toy" in their territory!

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Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson
Visit DramaFever News for more cute, funny and crazy news from Asia!
Added: 14th March 2014
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Labradors Are Awesome Compilation
Enjoy 4 minutes of funny, adorable, and clumsy labs!
Added: 24th June 2015
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Tags Mel

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Man Helps Mother Horse Get Her Trapped Baby Safe
He arrived just in time. Video by Mario Orcon.
Added: 30th March 2016
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Tags animal video animals the dodo horse baby pony trapped rescue bridge mother hero stuck

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Elephant Gets Help With Injured Leg
From the day that we rescued DaLah to our Project we began a treatment regimen to provide her with some measure of pain relief as well as medicine to reduce her inflammation. Light therapy was also introduced to help manage with deep tissue damage. While her body condition from her injury is extremely serious, she also suffers from the mental trauma of abuse. Her eyes speak clearly with a deep sadness.

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Signs You Might Be Having a Midlife Crisis As Told By Pets
If you have recently purchase a motorcycle or decided to take up an extreme sport, you might be having a midlife crisis. Here are 4 signs you might be having a midlife crisis as told by pets!

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Best Pets of the Week | September 2017
Here are some of the best pets of the week! We have puppies, cats, cows and more this week so get ready for some cuteness overload!

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VanDer Brink Auctions - 1957 Chevrolet Custom
Happy Days Dream Cars Auction June 3rd 2017 in Warrensburg MO. No reserve.
Added: 21st February 2017
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Tags VanDer Brink Auctions 1957 Chevrolet Custom

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Try Not To Laugh | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats awkwardly climbing book shelves, a cat cuddling with a random bowl, to cats freaking out over their own reflection, these are just a few of the funny cats that you'll find in this funny cats video compilation. Try not to laugh, we dare ya!
Added: 22nd July 2017
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A Camera Filmed a Tree for a Year - Here's What It Saw | National Geographic
A camera set up in Molise National Park, Italy, filmed a tree for 365 days. A myriad of animals visited the spot including bears, deer, wild boar, wolves, and badgers. I loved the bears! Which animal(s) were your favorite?

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Grade 6 Teacher Trolls Students After Banning Bottle Flipping for a Year
On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students... FAQS- Why did you ban bottle flipping? The grade 6 teachers really tried to meet the kids halfway on this one this year. We worked bottle flipping into our motion geometry unit in math, we used bottle flipping to develop testable questions and identify variables in science, but by November the kids still couldn't resist the urge to flip the water bottles on their desks at the most inopportune times. Recess? Fair game. Why didn't you release this when it would have actually been relevant? Because it was funnier to release it when it wasn't. Most of the clips were filmed between Christmas break and January, so I've been sitting on the footage for a while. As a teacher working with students who jump on countless trends that rise and fall throughout the year, irrelevance became part of the joke. Why didn't you upload the students' reactions? Privacy protection, and because the comments section is rarely a kind place. Where are the fidget spinners? My grade partner made the second half of the video (which we also showed on the last day of the school). It prominently features a fidget spinner and references at least 10 other memes, but we used far too much copy written content to release it publicly. Why did you film vertically? I was camera flipping obvs.
Added: 9th July 2017
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WOW! A lot of very close calls in this fast and furious chase. I just new the little rabbit was going to be lunch but in the end he shows these two wolves who can run the fastest!

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Amazing Slow Motion Pets Video Compilation 2016
From a puppy trying to catch a tennis ball, to a cat trying to play catch, everything looks cooler in slow motion.

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Inspirational Doesn't Begin to Cut It
Cayden, suffers from cerebral palsy, but Conner doesn't let that stop him from playing sports with his brother. The two compete in triathlons together, with Conner towing Cayden behind in a raft during the swimming leg, towing him behind his bike during the cycling portion, and pushing him during the run. Triathlons have been a great way for the brothers to come together and have made them an inspiration to everyone that hears their story.
Added: 22nd January 2013
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Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine
Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine.
Added: 2nd September 2017
Views: 1599
Tags Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine

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