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Cute Babies Blowing Dandelions Compilation 2016
These cute and funny babies trying to blow dandelion fluff is hilarious. Some have trouble understanding the concept, others blow with all their might without any ...

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Touch - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - 1080p HD
Extreme Paraglider Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Soars Over Europe showing us spectacular feats and beautiful scenery. He been a paragliding pilot since 2004 and his thing is the acrobatic and proximity flight. Besides competition, his goal is to share the feeling of flight with his videos to make everyone dream of flying.
Added: 7th November 2014
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Boston Terrier impersonates a goat and a dolphin?
From 'MorbidAngela', "Bruce (a Boston Terrier) is a silly dog and he makes silly noises. He loves other animals and this is how he acts when he sees one, but
Added: 30th August 2016
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Dog pretends to drop toy in pool so other dog jumps in
Dog pretends to drop toy in pool so other dog jumps in

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Last Weather Forecast You'll Ever Need
Is it hot where you are? If so after watching this, you may actually think it's cool... On WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus provides the last weather forecast you'll ever need. My favorite part was the line about the coyote!
Added: 1st July 2012
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RC Scale Airplanes | 16ft. DO X1a
Dornier DO-X 1a
Added: 29th August 2014
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Jumpy The Dog - Showing Off
Jumpy does the normal "Tricks" very well but also be on the lookout for the WOW's sprinkled through out this video. I think Jumpy is totally AWESOME!
Added: 3rd July 2013
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Honza Blaha The Horseman
Honza Blaha The Horseman, takes Horsemanship to a whole new level. I admire the amount of training and level of horsemanship that goes into achieving the tasks Honza Blaha obtains with his horses.Honza Blaha was born in 1977 , in the Czech Republic. He and his horses always draw a huge crowds. Website:
Added: 30th May 2012
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Dog Pushes Cat On Scooter
In this funny dog and cat video, watch as this highly trained pooch, pushes his favorite feline friend on the family scooter. Now that's a dog trick!
Added: 18th November 2013
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Hundreds Of Classic Cars Hit The Auction Block
Car collectors and enthusiasts from across the country are descending on the town of Pierce, Neb., where hundreds of vintage cars will be auctioned off. Many of the cars being auctioned, made as far back as 1946, were never sold and put into storage. Some have as few as zero miles and plastic still on the seats. Barry Petersen reports.
Added: 29th September 2013
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Careers for Cats
Does your cat have a job? Share in the comments! Is your cat lying around the house all day doing nothing? Time for kitty to be more purrductive and get a job! Thanks to some special guests in this video including the Office Cats at the Katzenhaus, Grumpy cat, Dusty the Klepto Kitty, Matilda, the hotel greeter at The Algonquin Hotel and Lil Bub!
Added: 4th September 2015
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Red Skelton--What's My Line...
Red Skelton on What's My Line having a little fun with Fred Allen. Episode originally aired on 26 September 1954.
Added: 12th July 2014
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Capuchin Monkey hilariously washes the dishes
Who needs a dishwasher when you can have Cassie the Capuchin monkey enthusiastically do it for you? Watch her humorously attempt to was the dishes in this
Added: 28th May 2016
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Tags cute adorable monkey animal lol dishwasher capuchin monkey

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Funniest Turkey Videos & Bloopers Weekly Compilation 2016
Just in time for Thanksgiving, AFV presents a brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest Turkey videos, clips, bloopers and moments caught on tape.
Added: 10th November 2016
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Clever orangutan makes a fair trade with human
During a trip to Bali, Vitaly R. decided to throw a few treats towards an orangutan. To his surprise, his newfound friend decided to repay him with a treat of
Added: 20th August 2016
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Tim Conway Harvey Korman - Fire At Will (the cannonball sketch)
Hilarious! Tim plays a hapless gunnery soldier who struggles to place a heavy cannonball into the barrel of his cannon. This sketch originally aired on The Carol Burnett Show in the mid-1970's.
Added: 4th November 2016
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Careful Canine Reaches For Ball
A dog carefully reaches for a ball in a swimming pool. The ending will have you laughing on the floor. For more hilarious pet videos check out
Added: 10th July 2012
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Orangutan Meets Baby
Orang Utan "Nonja" greets Newborn Sophia!
Added: 19th November 2012
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Dog preciously watches over little girl
A priceless moment is shared between a little girl and a dog during some down time. Watch what happens when the child tosses her toy across the room... The dog
Added: 5th May 2016
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Tags funny cute dogs dog beagle

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The Dresser (chain reaction Rube Goldberg machine)
The length some of us will go to just to make life a little simpler... The Dresser was a live performance, November 2013 in Charlotte, NC, at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. It took Joseph Herscher a year to build and two months to test.

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What happens next shocks cyclist... Literally!
A cyclist stops to take a break and a herd of cows come over to see what he is doing. He can't resist their pleading looks and he feeds them some grass but
Added: 11th July 2016
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Carrie Underwood - Keep Us Safe | Live at the Grand Ole Opry
Carrie Underwood performs "Keep Us Safe", a song recorded for ACM Lifting Lives, live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Grand Ole Opry, LLC. Purchase "Keep Us Safe" benefiting ACM Lifting Lives charity:
Added: 2nd August 2014
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