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People are Awesome Epic Wins 2015 HD (INCREDIBLE THINGS)
people are awesome epic wins skills and talent Homemade Luge Track ledzep213. Arizona Llama Chase 2015. Airplane Snore.
Added: 2nd March 2015
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Tags people are awesome 2014 2015 epic wins awesome people amazing people 3

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Why People Go South For The Winter...
Why People Go South For The Winter...
Added: 24th January 2012
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Super Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
From cats scaling cabinets, a dog jumping a record 14ft high wall, to guinea pigs leaping across the room, these are just a few of the super pets you'll find in this super pets video compilation.

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Funniest Animal Moments & Fails November 2016 Weekly Compilation
Brand new weekly compilation from AFV of the funniest pet and animal bloopers, clips, fails, viral videos and moments caught on tape.
Added: 11th November 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet clips viral home video blooper

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Roxy's Recipes (Texas Country Reporter)
We'll tell you the inspiring story behind the cookbook, Roxy's Recipes. Roxanne Roundtree North Zulch, TX Order a copy of Roxy's Recipes! - http://www.roxanneroundtreecookbook.org/~shop/main.html Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TexasCountryReporter Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TCRbob TCR #1367, 11-09-2013
Added: 4th April 2014
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Tiny Kitten's First Bath
Cole the black kitten was rescued by a friend of ours, she noticed him at a busy intersection one evening in Florida and couldn't locate his mom or any siblings.

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10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions
One of the most fascinating organs in our body is the human brain. You could say that it is central control, or headquarters for our body. Without our brain, we are not alive. The brain is where our consciousness lives and our memories are preserved. If we are considered “brain dead”, then the plug gets pulled on our life support. It is a complex organ of fatty tissue, and the brain helps us process different kinds of information through our five sense. Using our nose, the brain can tell us whether we are experiencing a pleasant smell or something foul. With our ears, the brain can help us process the noises we are hearing and be able to tell the difference from language to noises. With our mouth, the brain helps us figure out whether the food we are eating is good for us and not poisonous. Finally, with our eyes, the brain helps us process the information we are seeing visually. Our brain and our eyes have a beautiful relationship by letting us see colors, nature, people, and more, along with associate these visions with emotions. With such wondrous capabilities, it can be easy to just assume and trust that what our eyes are telling us is true. Well, not exactly. In the last several centuries, optical illusions have been playing tricks with our brain and causing us to question what is real and what is fiction. Optical illusions can be created by Mother Nature, or they can be manmade, thus creating an entire art dedication to optical illusions and messing with our brain and everything that we know about the world around us. With the innovation and evolution of optical illusions, we are now getting confused more often than ever before! People have even dedicated their lives and support themselves from creating their own optical illusions. These artists even get a kick from us stepping on their painting and thinking that we are about to descend into a multiple story fall, but instead, our foot remains on solid ground. This video has ten of the most mind blowing optical illusions. They are so crazy that you would think that they were simply a trick of the camera or computer. What makes these optical illusions extra special is the fact that they play with your perception using colors, angles, light, shapes, sizes, and more. Our eyes have been conditioned and groomed to see certain things by the way the light hits an object, or by the way and angle is seen by our eyes. Reality can be manipulated so many ways by a simple tilt of the head or a beam of light, or a splash of color. By breaking down why you are seeing the optical illusion in the first place, we can start descending upon the bridge of understanding. Probably one of the most unsettling things about optical illusions is that the seed of doubt can bleed over to our normal everyday lives and cause us to question everything by just looking outside.

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No Fortress Can Stop This Doggie
A man builds a fortress to keep his dogs from getting out of the kitchen. For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.petsami.com
Added: 21st January 2013
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John Wayne - America, Why I Love Her
John Wayne - America, Why I Love He.
Added: 2nd July 2017
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Tags John Wayne - America Why I Love He

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Usain Bolt Charcoal Drawing - ThePortraitArt
Mysite: http://www.ThePortraitArt.com World\'s fastest man!
Added: 15th August 2012
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Students Suprise Janitor With $$
Students at Anderson County High School in Lexington, Kentucky, know their school would be a mess without their favorite janitor Ricky Spaulding.School principal Chris Glass tells CNN affiliate WLEX that Spaulding is "a great guy," so the school secretly raised money for him to see his family who was stationed overseas.
Added: 23rd July 2014
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Doggy Tennis Ball Dreams
Balls! Video by Emily Pelleymounter
Added: 30th March 2015
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Tags balls tennis balls dogs dogs loves tennis balls pitbull playing tennis

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This is why it's so special to have a cat in your life
Every cat owner will agree with this message!
Added: 30th April 2016
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Tags cute cats animals pets inspirational

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Bulldog Deals Playing Cards
You've heard of a card shark, well how about a card pooch?! This funny bulldog deals poker with his human hands!?
Added: 11th October 2015
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5 Maltese mix pups feel fear then elation when they touch grass for the first time
These guys are so cute when they realize grass can be so much fun! Full Story:
Added: 3rd July 2016
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Tags puppy maltese puppes

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Grandma's Got the Gold At Her House...
Little girl calls her grandma looking for a pot of gold when she sees a rainbow that looks like it ends at grandma's garden.
Added: 5th October 2014
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Please Remove Cat Before Flight
A standard flight until... they still don't know if it got in after the pre flight check or if they missed it. The cat is doing well, she is still their mascot.
Added: 23rd June 2015
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Tags Mel's Video Of The Day

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America's Longest Legs: Houston Model’s 49 Inch Pins
Statuesque model Lauren Williams is making high strides - as the woman with the longest legs in America measuring a whopping 49 inches.
Added: 7th September 2015
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Tags Mel

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The Parolee from The Carol Burnett Show
Harry (Harvey Korman) is just out of prison after a 10-year sentence. He’s on parole and on his best behavior... his wife ( Carol Burnett ) is NOT!

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Baby Elephant Finds His Feet And Trunk
Baby Elephant Finds His Feet And Trunk. Tanda Tula, Timbavati, South Africa - March 2013
Added: 20th October 2013
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Squat Lobsters, Hermit Crabs, True Crabs & Sea Urchins
Squat lobsters, hermit crabs, true crabs and sea urchins. Part 3 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine creatures of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.
Added: 24th April 2014
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This People are Awesome Best of the Month video compilation for April 2017 features some amazing people doing incredible things! Everything from extreme sports to fitness to gymnastics and trick shots!

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Onion Soup Recipe - OrsaraRecipes
Today I will be making puree onion soup. facebook.com/OrsaraRecipes

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