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Baby Max Shares with the goats!
Our grand-daughter Max is growing up so quickly! She is almost 10 months old. We are so happy to see how comfortable she is with all the animals on the farm. She is the happiest little girl and we think it might have to do with all the gentle attention the animals (and her parents of course!) give her each day. This week she has been practicing sharing with humans so we thought it was especially sweet to see her share her fall leaves with the goats. (It happens to be one of their favorite snacks second to sunflowers!)

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CREATIVITY HACKS Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination!

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The Family Reunion from The Carol Burnett Show
The Family (with Harvey Korman as Roger, Carol Burnett as Eunice, and Vicki Lawrence as Mama) is hosting a reunion, with Eunice's brother Phil (Roddy McDowall) in town. Every time Phil tries to speak, the family interrupts him.

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Strangest Secret Rooms FOUND IN CRAZY PLACES
It's apparently not that unusual to find strange, mysterious, hidden rooms all over the world in places one would never expect. They're discovered in houses, in old historical buildings, and even inside of some pretty impressive castles! Not to mention, one guy even hid an entire castle for a time! They're spooky; they're mind-bending, they're Strangest Secret Rooms FOUND IN CRAZY PLACES!

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