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12 Rowdy Corgis Take Over Swimming Pool!
Welsh Corgis have historically been used as herding dogs, specifically for cattle. They are of the type of herding dog referred to as "heelers", meaning that they would nip at the heels of the larger animals to keep them on the move. From the looks of the Corgis in today's video they still wouldn't have any trouble keeping up with the herd!
Added: 26th June 2017
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Tags corgi welshcorgi pool herd cattle herding dog swimming

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Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard - The Hunt - BBC Earth
With a burst of speed of 65 km an hour, the Leopard without doubt is a formidable predator. In this tense and compelling encounter, we stalk quietly alongside a Leopard as it sizes up an unsuspecting Impala, from the cover of a gully.

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Moonwalking Manakin - Natural Born Thrillers
With a routine that would rival Michael Jackson, the Red-Capped Manakin is trying to catch the attention of a female in this elaborate courtship dance.

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Capybara Training: Olympic Diving
Seven year old Dobby has perfected his diving technique.
Added: 25th June 2017
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Tags Dobby Dobbye pet capybara swim dive Olympic diving paparazzi

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