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Billy and Scott Southwell - A Mark On History (Texas Country Reporter)
To date, every Texas State Historical Marker has been created by one company: The Southwell Company. Meet the brothers behind these iconic pieces. Texas State Historical Markers Billy & Scott Southwell The Southwell Company 928 N Alamo St. San Antonio, TX 78215 Phone: 210-223-1831 Website:

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Sleeping bulldog smells treat, dreams he's chewing it!
This is what happens when you hold a milk bone to Elvis' nose while he is asleep. He begins to chew it in his dreams!
Added: 18th September 2016
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Tags dog dogs bulldog bulldogs cute funny

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The Beauty of the Beagles: Every Beagle Should Have a Dog Companion
Beagles are one of the most beautiful dogs, it's difficult to resist those cute faces with dark brown or hazel eyes. Unfortunately beagles don't like to be alone because of their pack dog heritage. Another dog will help meet their companionship needs and it's nothing more beautiful than beagles running free and playing together.

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Duo Fusion Perform Breathtaking Act at The World's Greatest Cabaret
Husband and wife, Giovani and Virginia are originally from Argentina and Cuba. They have been entertaining families all over the world with their breathtaking act called "Hand Balance", where Virginia does most of the lifting. Duo Fusion is a beautiful combination of tango dance, strength, flexibility and passion.
Added: 18th September 2016
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Tags Virginia & Giovani Duo Fusion The Worlds

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Ghost attack caught on camera, fake or real?!
A CCTV security camera captures a shadow figure attacking an unsuspecting individual walking through a building hallway. The aggressive spirit pushes him to
Added: 17th September 2016
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Tags horror ghost amateur real cam

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