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Gardening Hacks - 10 Simple Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden
Growing your own food successfully is a constant process of learning which techniques work best for you and your plants. Often simple bits of advice from other gardeners can help provide shortcuts to achieving success in your garden. In this video we demonstrate ten quick tips handed down from experienced gardeners which save time, increase your growing space and reduce costs

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Goat Kid Pajama Party
Today we let the first 10 kids born out for a pajama party! What fun! We are expecting about 50 kids total! Imagine the party we will have then!

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Cup Holder Cat & Serenading Pups!  Funny Animal Compilation
What else is a cup holder for?
Added: 18th April 2017
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Joel Cooper's Balinese Inspired Home in Laguna Beach
Surfwear entrepreneur Joel Cooper took four years to source authentic Balinese materials to build his dream home in Laguna Beach.

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San Antonio Stroll [Steve Wariner & John Knowles] | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel
Live! At The Ryman was recorded live at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN on 27 February 2016, except Waits which was recorded on 8 December 2016 at the Big Room in Chico, CA. This is a genuine had to be there no fix no frills recording. Each of my guitars has pickups and microphones that are included when you buy them, so the sound you hear from this recording is exactly as it sounds in the hall. Special thanks to Steve Wariner and John Knowles.

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