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Walking the porcupines
Before the Oregon Zoo opens, keeper Kristina walks the porcupines to keep them on point and looking sharp.
Added: 7th September 2017
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Sea Eagle Rescue And Release
A Sea Eagle was seen high up in a nest and appeared to be tangled in some type of wire or fishing line. Geoff Hutchinson from teams up with Birdlife Australia to perform a unique Sea Eagle rescue and release. I love watching good people helping animals, don't you?

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Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation | September 2017
Another week in the books for 2017 and another week filled with amazing pets and pet videos! From dogs and cats to chickens and cows, here are the best pets of the week!

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Andre Rieu - Ramona
Andre Rieu Ramona music , great music make you feel relax and enjoy meditation.

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Pen USB Lead  Life Hack
Life hack for your USB Cable. How to coil a lead and have tidy cables. Stop your cables getting tangled and knotted by coiling them around a pen or pencil.

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