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What Cats Do For Us
For those suffering from depression, cats can be the greatest cure. Their ability to add value and meaning to your life that you feel is void of either can't be underestimated. But whether you are clinically depressed or struggling through a tough time, the gentle purr of a loving cat can be the best salve if you feel no one understands you, or when you need a loving relationship that is uncomplicated by words and expectations and preconceptions. The best part is that millions of cats need homes, so when you open yours, both of you benefit, and two lives are saved.
Added: 28th August 2016
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Husband pulls off surprise bedroom makeover
While Mom was out of town for the weekend, this father of 3 managed to rip out the hideous carpet, paint the walls, install new hardwood floors, and make a DIY
Added: 28th August 2016
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PRANK: How To Become A Rockstar Overnight
You like music? You would like to turn your hobby into a job opportunity? Once again, we've got you covered! After watching this video, fans will literally rip clothes off your rockstar body!

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Toad feeding session is surprisingly funny
This clip proves that toads aren't too fond of sharing. Check out their hilarious interaction as their owner feeds them some mealworms. Those faces are just so
Added: 28th August 2016
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Abandoned train...the last stop!
I've always liked trains growing up...the size, the power, the amount of cars they could pull. My favorite was the engines. I came across this abandoned train and explored it a little...
Added: 28th August 2016
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