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Summertime Fun with Jesse
Jesse absolutely LOVES Summertime! :D His favorite summer activities include playing at the beach, swimming, SUPing, travelling, eating watermelon, playing at the park, and of course doing tricks. :)

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Rescue Dog Loves His Automatic Ball Launcher
Buddy The Rescue Dog plays with an automatic fetch machine

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The Ivy League of Auctioneering
The Missouri Auction School is the oldest and largest auction school in the world. There, students learn all aspects of the business, but most importantly, they hone their auction chant. Before students graduate they have to sell at a real auction for real money. Going once, going twice ... sold!

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Fluffy dog chills out inside of refrigerator
When the weather is getting too hot and the AC just doesn't cut it anymore, laying down inside the refrigerator is your only hope! Credit to @jkchows
Added: 16th June 2016
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