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Funny Cats - Try Not To Laugh Challenge
Try Not to Laugh Challenge - Cat Edition. Try not to laugh or grin while watching these hilarious cat videos! Funniest cat videos of 2016, all in one place!

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Grace VanderWaal sings Clay (Lyric Video) - AGC
See the stunning lyric video for Grace VanderWaal's original song "Clay" from her America's Got Talent 2016 performance.

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Irmas Original (Texas Country Reporter)
See how one woman looked to cooking to turn her life around after a tragedy. Irma’s Original Irma Gonzalez 22 N Chenevert St. Houston, TX 77002 Phone: 713-588-9891 Website: http://irmasoriginal.com/

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Southern Golden Retriever Display Team performs at Crufts
Full coverage of the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team performing on Day 3 of Crufts 2005

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Meet Walter: Having two legs doesn't slow this dog down
A dog with only two legs? Walter has a front leg and a back leg, and that's it. But don't leave that door open, because he will race for it like a dog with six legs. Walter is a smart guy who has obviously seen a lot in his one and a half years. He was once picked up as a stray in New Mexico, limping with a damaged leg. An amputation there brought him down to three. Then he found a home, but he must have escaped it because soon, he was back at a shelter with another wounded leg. This time, Best Friends Animal Shelter was contacted and they took the guy in. But there was no saving that leg, so now he's down to two. But this bundle of energy and fun (and sometimes delightful trouble) seems happy to be just the way he is. He's enjoying life at the Sanctuary and they're enjoying having him. So what's next for Walter? Well, he's got to finish healing from surgery. And one would say he needs to adjust to life with so few legs, except Walter didn't get that memo. He's already adjusted. But the good folks at Best Friends Animal Shelter will be there for him if he needs any more help. And in the meantime, we hope he enjoys his stay at Dogtown while he looks for a family who wants a very zoomy dog who zips around on the same number of feet that they do. Walter's Website: http://bestfriends.org/sanctuary/animals-special-needs/current/walter

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