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11 Crazy Submarine Discoveries
From Sub in a Pond to Simushir sheer Island here are 11 Crazy Submarine Discoveries. How crazy and insane would it be to find these!

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Rescued Horse Shot More Than 100 Times With Paintball Gun
Meet Lily... she was found at a sale stable abused and abandoned. She had been shot more than 100 times with a paintball gun. Omega Horse Rescue moved Lily to the New Bolton Vet Center in Kennett Square, PA. where she was taken in for evaluation. In addition to severe bruising from the paintballs, Lily also had a blinding ulcer in one eye.
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Daddy/Daughter Dance
Me and my 6 year old dancing to Justin Timberlake's newest song called "Can't Stop The Feeling!" I have a feeling this will be the song of the summer.

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11 Most Interesting Anthropomorphic Vehicles
From KITT of Knight Rider to BumbleBee from the Transformers franchise, here are the 11 Most Interesting Anthropomorphic Vehicles.

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