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Cat Reacts Hilariously to Tornado Emergency Warning Alert System
What do you do during a Tornado Drill? Well, here is what Simon the Burmese Cat does. Not the best plan. If this had been a real tornado warning the humans would have gone downstairs with all their animals. No danger was present during the filming of this video. This siren was part of a monthly test of our state's Emergency Outdoor Warning System.

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Dog Rescues Baby Squirrel And Makes Him His Brother
This dog found a baby squirrel who had fallen out of a tree and decided to make him his little brother. Watch how Pongo the basset hound immediately bonded with little Quasi - Pongo even lets Quasi hide nuts in his fur and ride around on his back!

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Rescue of dog tangled in soccer net
We got a call from a villager in a village outside of Udaipur that a street dog had somehow gotten himself completely tangled and stuck in a soccer net. The villagers wanted to help, but being afraid of dogs they didn't know how to free him, so they called our helpline. We found him with the strings of the net caught every which way around his legs and neck. He had obviously been struggling for some time. He sure was happy to be free!
Added: 3rd April 2018
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2018 Junior II Divisions Shag Champions Jacobs & Batten
Mary Elizabeth Jacobs and Jackson Batten repeat as this years winners in the Junior II Division of the National SHAG Dance Championships. The competition is a three-night event featuring over 50 contestants in six divisions - Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior and Masters. DVD's of the entire Nationals competition are available through Stages Video Productions. To order call Stages Video at 843-626-7466 or email at

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Watch Fame(US) win the 2018 Masters Agility Championship
Fame(US) wins the 2018 Masters Agility Championship

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