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Andre Rieu - Chianti Song
Andre Rieu Chianti Song.
Added: 31st July 2017
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AWESOME Stories of Hidden Treasure
The world is an old place and some things get forgotten over time. So when you come across treasure, whether it was bricked up into the wall by an old relative, put there purposely for fun, or happens to be a great historical find, there's lots of things to discover, if you only take the time to look.

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Pianist, Eliane Rodrigues, LITERALLY taking the performance below the stage!
That time when you have to play a recital at De Doelen in Rotterdam and something is not right with the piano. Who says classical musicians don't have a sense of humor :-) A fantastic way of coping with something that can happen (but mostly doesn't) during a live performance!

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Close Encounters with Elephants
In today's video we look at the sometimes overlooked line that has to be drawn and respected between a safari guide and a wild animal. If allowed, some wild animals will approach and consider crossing this line. Watch to see how these presenters/guides deal with this very important issue.

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