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Thanks to modern gadgets, practically everyone has the possibility to feel like a camera operator. And many people take the chance! Everyday thousands of video are uploaded to the Internet, all about different things. And to be honest most of them are not very interesting. But sometimes a person is lucky enough to film something worth showing you. So today we have 8 incredible situations caught on camera

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20 Cutest Bunny Photos Ever!
From a funny bunny picking boogers, to two cute bunny besties, here are the 20 Cutest Bunny Photos Ever!

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Leaning On the Everlasting Arms -  Iris Dement
I first uploaded this hymn from Iris Dement's "Lifeline" album in 2010, but I wanted a do-over. I love the hymn as well as the artist. Thank you for watching and ...

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Animals With The Most Unique Patterns
From cats with top hats, cows that question everything, dogs that look like cats, cats that look like raccoons to turtles that appear to be promoting the band ACDC, these are just a few of the incredible patterns you will see in this compilation.

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Tour This Tranquil Buddhist Island Temple of Giant Statues
Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples, but none of them is quite like Wat Plai Laem. Completed in 2004, the site is a collection of temples and statues located on Koh Samui, Thailand's second largest island. Wat Plai Laem's temples are active, set in a tranquil location, where quiet reflection is encouraged and appropriate attire is a must. One of the temple's most eye-catching figures is a nearly 100-foot tall statue of Buddha, painted in bright red, white and gold. But the main statue is the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy, Guanyin. There, she is represented with 18 arms, which shows her ability to help many people in need at once.

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