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Florida Dairy Farmer Holds Concert for Dairy Cows
Find out what happens when a dairy farmer from Florida invites his 17-piece jazz band out to his farm to play for his curious cows!
Added: 7th June 2018
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Hummingbird Tries to Eat from Guy's Orange Hat
While two guys were out on a hunting trip, the younger man had an encounter with a confused hummingbird. As the guy sat on the ground, a hummingbird mistook his orange hat for a flower and tried to feed off of it. After the hummingbird failed to find nectar from the guy's hat, it gave up and flew away.

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Mega-stash of old Fords and Mercurys, many with 390 V-8 engines | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 33
Sunny Southern California is a hotbed for classic cars, from road-worthy beauties to the forgotten junkers that Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter wakes up every morning hoping to uncover. But California is tightening state laws concerning the possession of non-functional vehicles, making it tougher for folks to put off projects. In this episode, Tom scours Craigslist to track down Alex, a car guy whose motherlode of Fords and Mercurys has managed to evade the ire of California's enforcement. Cougars, Fairlanes, Comets, and Torino many with 390 engines and/or factory four-speeds count among the forgotten gems in Alex's stash.

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Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg Is Pure Inspiration
This baby mini horse lost her leg, but she's SO determined to walk - and her owners feel completely blessed to know her

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Willie Nelson & Carole King - Will You Still Love Me tomorrow
From Willie Nelson - Outlaws & Angels.
Added: 7th June 2018
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Tags Honky Tonk Country Willie Nelson Carole King (Singer) Country

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