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Press Conference With Baby Steph Curry and Baby LeBron
We have a tendency to forget it, but some NBA players are very young. Could you imagine having to hold a press conference when you were this age?

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Amazing Slow Motion Pets Video Compilation 2016
From a puppy trying to catch a tennis ball, to a cat trying to play catch, everything looks cooler in slow motion.

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Funny Cats Go Grocery Shopping
In this funny ad for the German Supermaket chain, Netto, we have cats pushing a trolley, cats vs cucumbers, hipster cats, OMG cat, surprised kitty, keyboard cat and more.

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2016 National SHAG Dance Senior Champions
Nancy & Gene Pope are this years winners in the Senior Division of the National SHAG Dance Championship. The competition is a three-night event featuring over 50 contestants in six divisions - Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior and Masters. DVD's of the Nationals are available through Stages Video Productions. Individual 2-hour DVD's of either Thursday night, Friday night or Saturday night competition sell for $50

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A Sanctuary for Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh, my!)
For the past 36 years, Pat Craig has worked tirelessly to rescue large carnivores and rehabilitate them at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Most of the animals there were taken in from zoos, circuses or saved from abusive owners. Now, they've got a permanent home where they can live in peace.

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