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Raccoon Seems to Nod in Thanks to Man After Rescue
Amusing footage of a man filming himself rescuing three raccoons trapped in a bin. The video, filmed in New York, USA this week, shows the man placing a plank of wood in just the right place to allow the cute animals to climb out of their predicament. He later wrote online: "As I pulled into my driveway following working a night shift in the emergency room, I got out of my car and heard scratching in my dumpster. "I knew it was probably raccoons who got stuck in there during the night, so I got a board to assorted them out." "The first one who exits actually nods at me almost like he is saying thank you," he added
Added: 4th October 2016
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Amazing Grandmas and Grandpas Video Compilation 2016 | Daily Heart Beat
A fun video compilation full of sweet grandparent moments.

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Sleepy Cat Gets Swarmed By Adorable Puppies
This has got to be the most patient cat of all time! This mama cat has all the patience in the world as she is literally hounded by a giant litter of energetic
Added: 3rd October 2016
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Butterfly takes over Koala Joey's Photoshoot and owns it like a BOSS!
What is cuter than a koala joey video? When a Butterfly decides to photobomb it of course. Meet Willow the most adorable little Koala Joey and her new best ...

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Golden Retriever puppy solves
Check out this DIY puzzle game for puppies! Puppies need to be physically and mentally challenged as apart of their growth and development. Tripp, a 4 month
Added: 3rd October 2016
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