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A Colorful Eagle With an Uncertain Future
Bateleur eagles are majestic birds. Despite their medium size, their wingspans stretch up to six feet long. Endemic to Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, these avians have bright red faces and feet, with brown and black patterned feathers. Bateleurs are carrion eaters, and will show up with vultures to eat dead carcasses. Unfortunately, a shrinking habitat has caused a major drop in its global population.

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Preparing for the Solar Eclipse 2017
The crew getting ready to film and photograph and observe one of the biggest solar eclipses in the Rockies... The eclipse will start here around 10 am.
Added: 21st August 2017
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Steve Hartman - The secrets of a long marriage
Is there a sure-fire formula for married couples to stay together "happily ever after"? Steve Hartman traveled deep within the cornfields of Knox County, Indiana, to meet eight siblings who collectively have been married for 449 years.
Added: 21st August 2017
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EXTREME Rock-a-Boogie Solo on the Graffiti Piano
Amazing how a bit of boogie woogie piano cheers people up. Smile and Share the Love!

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Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation | August 2017
Cat videos, dog videos, bird videos, all the pet videos! Here are the best, newest videos of the best pets on the internet! From good boys to laughing birds, enjoy this hilarious compilation of cute pet videos!

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