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Tiny House Alpaca Thinks She's Human
A MINIATURE alpaca is being hand-raised inside a farmer's house - and the small but mighty creature is ruling the roost. Two-year-old Cody has the run of alpaca farmer Amber Isaac's home, and even sleeps with her in the bedroom. Little Cody has always lived indoors after being abandoned at birth by her mother, and now thinks that Amber, 47, is her mom. At just 52lbs, Cody is half the size of her furry friends. The tiny alpaca is thought to be one of the smallest on record. Facebook page: facebook.com/codyalpaca/

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Reporter loses it trying to describe a man living like a goat and the news fails in a fit of contagious laughter.

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Dog upset pet store is closed, refuses to leave
The pet store is clearly closed, but that won't stop Samo the 5-year-old beagle/lab from leaving it. If it were up to her, they would have waited outside until
Added: 28th September 2016
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Sweet Kids With Pets Video Compilation 2016
From puppies taking care of babies, to kids giving ducks hugs, these are the sweetest moments shared between a pet and a child.

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Stubborn cat won't let owner use mouse
This cat is making it clear that only he is allowed to play with the mouse! He won't let his owner touch it at all!
Added: 28th September 2016
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