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Tillman the Surfing Bulldog
Watch Tillman the bulldog shred some gnarly waves! Tillman is known for his skateboarding antics but in the summer months, he has taken up surfing to cool off and has even competed in the eighth annual Loews Coronado Bay Dog Surf Competition. He won first place in the large dog category, so sit back and watch his moves!

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Cheetahs Mary Jane and Darlene
Mary Jane and Darlene, a pair of young female cheetahs from San Diego Zoo Safari Park, recently moved to the Oregon Zoo's Predators of the Serengeti section.
Added: 12th July 2017
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A Camera Filmed a Tree for a Year - Here's What It Saw | National Geographic
A camera set up in Molise National Park, Italy, filmed a tree for 365 days. A myriad of animals visited the spot including bears, deer, wild boar, wolves, and badgers. I loved the bears! Which animal(s) were your favorite?

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Hummingbirds Hear the Sound of their Wings
Hummingbirds Hear the Sound of their Wings. Beautiful hummingbird images with hummingbird music and the real sound of their chirping and wings beating.

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Fabulous Felines | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats getting pampered with massages, cats lounging around the room, to cats looking their very best, these are just a few of the fabulous cats you'll find in this fabulous felines video compilation.

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