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Here are the best People are Awesome videos in our Best of the Week compilation! Huge thanks to all the amazing people that submitted their videos this week! We have base jumping, martial arts, freerunning, basketball trick shots, high jumps and much more!

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Rescued Guinea Pigs Get Second Chance With Love And A Wheelchair
Estella, the Guinea Pig has had a very traumatic life. 2 years ago she and her friend Pip were abandoned by her owners; injured and left on the side of the road in Stockholm, CA. It was soon discovered that Estella was paralyzed. She was squeezed so hard by her previous owner that her back broke and since then she's been having to carry her lower body with all her upper body strength. But through it all, she's had all the support she needed from her friend, Pip and the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary of Stockton, CA. Estella and Pip are still best of friends, but no one was interested in adopting the two of them because of Estella's condition... until Harvest Home (who rescues abused, abandoned, and neglected animals) gave them their forever home! Harvest Home also gave Estella her second chance on life. They wanted to find a way for her to be more comfortable moving around so they found a company that makes custom-made wheelchairs for guinea pigs! Harvest Home held a fundraiser through Facebook and in a matter of a few days, they were able to afford a wheelchair for Estella! "We operate because people care about animals. Estella has brought so many people to help us operate and save more lives." Now she's thriving with the aid of the wheelchair, the support of the community, and of course her dear friend Pip. The mission at Harvest Home is to provide life-long care for rescued animals, it educates the public about humane animal care and practices, and when appropriate help finds homes for their animals. Harvest Home specializes in giving animals a second chance in life with the hope for a better future.

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I Lived To Tell About It | War & Pierce | Playing For Change | Live Outside
We are proud to share with you a new video featuring our friends War & Pierce performing their original song, "I Lived To Tell About It," live outside in Los Angeles. Turn it up and remember we are stronger than any obstacle or challenge we may face. Together, we will persevere in love and peace.

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Rock That Swing Festival 2017 -  Agnieszka & Grzegorz
Rock That Swing Festival 2017: Vintage Show - Boogie Woogie performance by Agnieszka & Grzegorz at Deutsches Theater. I could never move like these two, how about you?
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