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Dogs Playing in Mud Compilation (2018)
Funny dogs love to get dirty. Running, rolling, digging or swimming dogs love to cool off in big mud holes! Watch these silly puppies play in mud, try not to laugh!

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Checking on Kittens and Goats Before Bed
One of my favorite times of day is after supper and before bed, when I go out to check on the animals in the barn. They are almost always peacefully sleeping or happily munching. It is a great reminder of why I love farming so much even after a long day. Tonight I thought I would bring you with me just in case you need a peaceful ending to your day too. Tonight's barn check was even cuter because the kittens were out there for the first time! They knew just where to put themselves to bed after Lots of running around this afternoon! Big love to you all farm friends.

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Grand Canyon Trip Time Lapse 1  201805 4K UHD
Video by TriumphRainbow. Samsung NX1, StageOne Plus Slider, Andoer MA2 Panoramic Tripod Head

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Oliver Saddles (Texas Country Reporter)
Cowboys and ranchers alike have been keeping this family-run saddle shop in business for over 100 years. Richard, Zeb, and Bryan Oliver 3016 Plains Blvd Amarillo, TX 7910 Phone: 806-372-7562

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