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A Modern Day Warrior: Mastering Mounted Archery
To call Lukas Novotny an expert horseback rider paints an incomplete picture. Novotny is one of the world's leading horseback archers. Yeah, you read that right: he shoots arrows on horseback. Now, Novotny is almost single-handedly keeping the tradition alive.

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Incredible Artistic Cycling Tricks | People are Awesome
Nicole Frybortova competes for Slovakia in the World Championships of Kunstrad, or Artistic Cycling, a competitive sport popular in Germany and other parts of Europe where people perform amazing bike trikes, it has been described as ballet on fixed gear bikes.

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Anything for Treats
Meet Oshie - The 3 year old Australian Shepherd that will do anything for treats!

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DIY Transform old jeans into gardening belt without sewing
Here's how you can create a multi-functional gardening belt using and old pair of jeans... without ever sewing!

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Wedding Surprise
Swing dancers Kathleen and Matt requested our version of "Bring Me Sunshine" from their local big band "Swingshift" for their first dance. The band contacted us seeing we were in town the same day. See what happened next...

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