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Rescued Cow Cuddles With His Family
Rescued Cow Cuddles With His Family - This rescued cow is super affectionate - so it's a good thing he found such a loving family.

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Amazing Dog Tricks performed by Jesse!
Jesse's motto: Jack Russell Terriers can do it all! Walking hand stands, somersaults, driving a motorized car, rolling atop a ball, riding a scooter, jump roping, skateboarding, and much, much, more! Jesse shows off many of his most amazing tricks; complete with his adorable smile.

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Adorable Cow Thinks He's A Dog And Lives In House
A Highland Cow rejected by the rest of the herd has grown up thinking it is a dog - after its owners raised it inside the family home. Cattle owners Adam, 33, and Emily Hopson, 32, have raised adorable calf James inside their home with their dogs who he cannot resist licking. And their adorable photos of the hairy bovine living alongside his canine pals have made him a social media sensation. Emily said: He is the sweetest creature. He loves to lick us and the dogs. And to just lay beside us and be scratched and petted.

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Maru and Hana in Autumn
Maru&Hana in Autumn. It was a little windy.
Added: 18th November 2017
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Ladyva - Honky Tonk Train Blues
Ladyva started playing the piano when she was 14, inspired by the music of the great masters of Boogie Woogie. She has also been successful in her second homeland, the Dominican Republic, where she appeared on over 30 popular TV shows. This is Meade Lux Lewis' Honky Tonk Train Blues played by Ladyva. Enjoy!

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