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400 students skip class, show up to sing to their teacher battling cancer
Watch as 400 students and school faculty at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, show up outside the home of teach Ben Ellis, who's battling an
Added: 16th September 2016
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Sheep and the City: Nashville's Urban Shepherd
Zach Richardson's landscaping company isn't your average group of grass cutters. His team, the Nashville Chew Crew, is made up of 60 sheep and his border collie, Duggie. Richardson takes his group around Nashville, Tennessee, to help control invasive species and overgrown areas around town. Call it green landscaping or smart pest control. Just don't call it sheepish.

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Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground
Never, ever ride with this guy and don't try any of this stuff at home! Ken Block is at it again, this time he's in a New York industrial park doing his thing in a 2016 Ford Focus RS RX. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole video. So buckle up now and enjoy the ride!

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Genius Way To Mow Lawn In Half The Time
If you need a simple tip on how to mow your lawn in half the time, check this out!
Added: 15th September 2016
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Winner Grace VanderWaal: Viral Sensation Performs Hit - I Don't Know My Name - AGT
The 12-year-old singer performs the original song that kicked it all off when she comes to the America's Got Talent stage to perform her hit song, "I Don't Know My Name".

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