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Bryan Museum (Texas Country Reporter)
This Galveston museum is a treasure trove for Texas history lovers. J. P. Bryan and Jamie Christy 1315 21st St Galveston, TX 77550 Phone: 409-632-7685

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Army Ants Rampage Through The Jungle  - BBC Hunt - BBC Earth
Boasting a sensory system of 2 million antennae, this colony of Army Ants are a formidable proposition for anything alive which may cross their path. These dynamic insects, despite being blind, are able to transcend their size by working as a complete unit.

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MOST Popular Viral Photos Explained
You all see those pictures and stories shared on your feeds that just seem to get everyone talking. But how many of those do you actually know the real story behind? Found out on this list of viral photos explained.

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Carol Burnett Show: Mrs. Wiggins Car Problem
Hilarious! According to Dr. Auto, Mrs. Wiggins' car is on its last leg. Then Mr. Tudball gets involved and the confusion ( and laughter ) begins. By the end I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.
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To catch a humming bird
Come over for dinner at my friend's house only to discover her trying to usher a lost hummingbird out of it.

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