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A Day In The Life Of Jake The Firefighting Rescue Dog
Friendship is beautiful; but a friendship that is born from a heroic rescue is downright heartwarming. We are in love with this story about Jake, a Pit bull mix, and Bill Lindler. Jake was a victim of a house fire but thankfully rescued by Bill and others from Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department. After Jake was rescued, although he was in rough shape, he was taken to a local clinic for treatment. Jake needed a new home; that's where Bill came back into the picture. Bill adopted Jake and the two formed an incredible bond. Jake is a fighter and a survivor. After such an ordeal, he found a new home and became an official Firefighter thanks to the Mayor. Jake not only won Bill's heart, but everyone he meets as well.
Added: 14th March 2017
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Walking, Talking, Tree at Llano Earth Art Festival
Sorry for the silly question but seeing him was one of those rare things that make you instantly feel the wonder of being a child again. Cool guy too.
Added: 14th March 2017
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Tags Walking talking tree cosplay costume texas Llano earth art fest Llano

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14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries
From Dinosaurs Getting Older to Crocodile Embryo and a Mammoth in Mexico here are 14 Oldest Fossil Discoveries.

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15 Lovingly Loyal Dog Breeds
Dogs are adorable and will be your best friend! Who wouldn't love them? We gathered a list of 15 Lovingly Loyal Breeds Of Dogs.

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