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The Loneliest Tree in the World
Tucked away in a corner of London's Royal Botanic Gardens, there is a very peculiar plant. At first glance, it resembles a stumpy palm tree, but this ancient specimen is incredibly rare. It is, in fact, the very last of its kind on Earth. Encephalartos Woodii is a cycad, a type of plant that once dominated the planet during the Jurassic Period. Over the millennia, the age of the cycad came to an end. And in the case of Encephalartos Woodii, we may have been left with only one—a single male specimen. This tree is the loneliest bachelor on Earth.

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7 Cool Ways To Use Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets are a fantastic and quick way to remove static, soften your clothes and give your laundry a nice clean scent. But nestled in that box of secrets are a ton of alternate uses that can save you money and get you out of a bind.

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A Magnificent and Relaxing Photographic Expedition Video by Richard Sidey
Richard Sidey , a photographer from New Zealand with a great admiration for the polar regions , joined an expedition in Antarctica to capture the wild beauty of this icy wonder! There are clips of nature, bear, birds and whales with the sounds they made while "singing," along with some really beautiful, relaxing music. So, sound up, full screen and enjoy this amazing video!

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Funny Hot Dogs Video Compilation 2016
From dogs laying in refrigerators, and running around the sprinklers, to dogs lounging in the pool, these are just a few of the hot dogs you'll find trying to cool off.

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Safety minded cat uses pedestrian crossing on busy road
Driver Justin Scrutton captured this unbelievable footage on his dashcam while driving through Dartford, Kent, UK. Watch as a clever get patiently waits until
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