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Rescued Squirrel Loves Dog Brother
Wally is a squirrel who fell from a tree when he was just a tiny baby. But a nice family took him in and he immediately fell in love with their BIG dog Jax — Wally got so attached that even when he was big enough to go back to the wild, he didn’t want to leave! Today on Odd Couples, watch Wally play in his very own bedroom, mess with his big brother nonstop and generally run the show in his household.

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The Pensioner Cheerleaders High Kicking Into Retirement
A GROUP of acrobatic pensioners are refusing to let age or arthritis cramp their high kicks in a cheerleading squad for the over 50s. The Arizona-based troupe is a marching and performance group for women over 55 - with an average age of just over 70. While plenty of women use retirement as an opportunity to rest on their laurels, these dancers are glittering and shaking into their twilight years.

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Inside Thailand’s Sanctuary of Truth
Thailand's Sanctuary of Truth is a modern day marvel, made entirely of wood without the use of a single nail. Built using ancient carving techniques, the religious shrine has been under construction since 1981, with teams of dedicated architects continually working to finish out the plans of its creator. Originally commissioned by a Thai millionaire intent on keeping traditional craftsmanship alive, the structure is now considered to be a religious shrine, a cultural monument and a work of art, all in one. Welcome to the Sanctuary of Truth, a divine masterpiece in the making.

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Otter and Cat
An otter was swimming in our pond this morning. Our cat, Felix, was curious and the otter had something to say about the cat, too.
Added: 9th November 2017
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