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Burley Joins Weight Watchers
Losing Weight just isn't for everyone, especially this guy!

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Tammy and Todd Miracle - Back to the Wild
The story of the miraculous journey of Tammy & Todd, two foxes that were "not quite road kill". It's proof that miracle can happen...all it takes is love and compassion and an understanding that all life is precious and deserves a second chance. Website: http://woodlandswildlifesanctuary.ca/

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The Funniest Monkey Videos, Moments, Outtakes & Clips EVER Compilation
Get ready to go bananas for this all monkey themed weekly compilation filled with the greatest home video bloopers, fails, clips, outtakes, reactions and funniest ever.
Added: 9th September 2016
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Dog eats whipped cream straight from the canister
A mom hears the sound of a whipped cream can in the kitchen and rushes over to see which of her kids is guilty of eating it. But when she turns the corner she
Added: 9th September 2016
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Insane Urban Downhill Mountain Bike
Marcelo GutiƩrrez dodges power lines, walls, and street signs in the narrow back streets of Chile and Slovakia during the intense competition of urban downhill.

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