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Raising Baby Squirrels
The Flanders family took in a couple of orphaned squirrel babies. Here's how they cared for them until they were old enough to release. For detailed instructions, formula recipe, feeding charts, and resource links, follow this link:

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Leaps of Faith | Funny Animal Jumps Compilation
Sometimes you just gotta go for it and believe in yourself. If you make that leap of faith, you might just make it! Watch these hilarious animals make leaps of faith and see if they make it!

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The magnificent Dutch Friesian Horse from the Netherlands makes its home in Illinois. This story of one person's passion for the breed now joins the HorseFlicks TV Series "The Dutch Friesian • The Black Treasure of the Netherlands."

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Young Squirrel Out On His Own
The young squirrels are out on their own into Backyard Squirrel society now. This handsome young male sticks to the trees and grooms in his favorite spot on top of the new "Squirrel Condo" in the main oak tree. He has a pretty carefree life at this point being cautious and staying for the most part out of the open yard and freezing when the adults sound the alarm as they do later in the clip. They learn fast and soon he will trust the peanut man. This latest generation of gray squirrels have exceptionally fluffy tails for so young.

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Saving the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit
North America's tiniest rabbits are still clinging to survival.
Added: 7th November 2017
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