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Extremely happy horse plays with dogs in field
Felipe the horse is in an extremely good mood as he runs and plays with a pair of dogs and his owner out in the field. This will DEFINITELY put a smile on your
Added: 4th November 2016
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16 Funny Puppy Videos Compilation 2016
From puppies playing with ice cubes, to puppies struggling to stay awake, or even puppies having the hiccups, these are just a few of the funny puppies you'll find in this adorable, funny puppy videos compilation.

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Tim Conway Harvey Korman - Fire At Will (the cannonball sketch)
Hilarious! Tim plays a hapless gunnery soldier who struggles to place a heavy cannonball into the barrel of his cannon. This sketch originally aired on The Carol Burnett Show in the mid-1970's.
Added: 4th November 2016
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Tags Tim Conway Harvey Korman Carol Burnett cannonball cannon gun fire at will

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Meet Steve Hogue - Vintage Body Man
Steve Hogue has always been a body man. Thanks to his dad, he was in and out of various automotive specialty shops from a young age. Now he lives his dream, fabricating vintage auto bodies for a living.

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Fennec Fox whines adorably after owner interrupts nap
Looks like Penny the Fennec Fox isn't quite ready to get out of bed. Her reaction to being awoken mid-nap is absolutely adorable! Credit to 'Rare Earth Ranch'.
Added: 3rd November 2016
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Tags napping fox exotic pets sleeping animals crying fox

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