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Funny Talkative Pets Video Compilation 2017
From dogs howling together, cats meowing at their owners, to parrots talking to the camera, these are just a few of the vocal pets you'll find in this talkative pets video compilation.

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The Iconic "Seinfeld" Theme Song Was Totally Improvised
Whether you're a "Seinfeld" devotee or not, the iconic synth-bass sounds of the sitcom's theme music are unmistakable. And the man behind the improvised riff is just as original. Meet composer Jonathan Wolff; he's responsible for writing the theme songs to more than 44 television shows, including "Saved by the Bell: The College Years," "Will & Grace," and most famously, "Seinfeld." Here's how he created a theme song about nothing, that changed every show.

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Most skips by a dog and a person - Guinness World Records
Purin the multi-record-breaking dog from Japan is back with another impressive title, the Most skips by a dog and a person in one minute – single rope !

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How to shovel snow the easiest & safest way! Aching back NO MORE
EASIEST, SAFEST WAY TO SHOVEL ANYTHING. No bending your back. No aching back. No chiropractor. This is how I shovel, when I need to.

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Cole and Marmalade - What Did The Cat See?
What do you think Marmalade saw? Dog, Bigfoot, Aliens? Who knows, it was probably just a extra large scary looking squirrel! :)

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