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Best Life Pets Video Compilation 2017
From parakeets snuggling up to their owners, cats ringing bells for treats, to dogs celebrating their birthday, these are just a few of the pets living their best life in this best life pets video compilation. I loved the bird taking a shower in the sink! Which one is your favorite? Please post your comments below the video.

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We're all tough... until the gate is open
We're all tough... until the gate is open.

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State trooper makes PSA for pretty incredible turn signal
Have you ever wondered why some drivers can’t seem to figure out how a turn signal works? An Indiana State trooper has created a video tutorial for those sometimes frustrating motorists.
Added: 2nd March 2017
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Brave Sheep Puppys First Day On Job
A brave border collie pup was caught on camera herding sheep FOUR TIMES her size like a pro – despite never laying eyes on the mammals before. Adorable seven-week-old pup Ciara can be seen bounding after the sheep, rounding them up and guiding them back to proud owner Daire Byrne, who claims her instincts as a fifth-generation border collie kicked in when she clapped eyes on them. In the 29-second clip she fearlessly approaches four sheep including a defiant ram 20 TIMES her weight who lowers his horns but eventually concedes defeat and runs away.

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Barn Find Hunter | Episode 13 - Suburban Detroit
Barn finds in suburban Detroit? Tom Cotter managed to find some in an automotive Disneyland from a 1914 Princess and an aluminum-bodied, air-cooled 1920 Franklin to a one-owner (who still owns it) 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. The most impressive find of the show? Discovered in a storage unit, is a one-of-one factory hot rod station wagon, authorized by then-Ford president Lee Iacocca himself. Too bad this one's already found a new home...

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