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Reunion With Squirrel Buddies After Hurricane Irma in Florida
I Was delighted to find the Florida Backyard squirrels alive and well after Hurricane Irma rolled through - we threw a little peanut party. I didn't get back until September 16th and they were waiting. A little wet and ragged, but OK. Their trees were pretty much de-leafed by winds gusting to 80 mph or so, but it looked like the two mothers with kittens must have moved them out of the high oak tree nests before or early during the storm and they are probably OK. Animals have a natural survival instinct and squirrels will move their kits down into the the Palmetto Tree crowns if need be. Big Palmetto trees do a lot better in the high wind. I will be putting up squirrel nest boxes in the trees later this fall. More on that later.

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Being Human With the Dog Photographer
Welcome to Wegman's Wild World of Weimaraners, where dogs bake cakes and lounge like royalty. Known to the world as the "dog photographer," William Wegman has spent the past 45 years dressing and posing his canine muses in elaborate ensembles, finding whimsy in the absurd. His work is at measures droll and enchanting, evoking awe in audiences around the world. And, his pups have had their share of the limelight, making appearances on everything from "Saturday Night Live" and "Sesame Street," to movies and galleries worldwide.

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Soldier in the Army of the Lord - Chris Rodrigues and Abby the Spoon Lady
Life is an everyday battle with the devil, so grab your shield and fight with the right army. Here's a standard Gospel song that we very much enjoy., Soldier in the Army of the Lord. We've been taking it out with us street performing recently, and it's been a blast to play around with. Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you have any favorite Gospel songs you think we should look at. GOD BLESS

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Local Gas Station Makes Whole Town Laugh Every Day With The Funniest Signs Ever
Local Gas Station Makes Whole Town Laugh Every Day With The Funniest Signs Ever Entertaining and educational from The Funny Life

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10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In The World
There are hundreds of horse breeds / breed / type / types out there, so it’s no wonder that these incredible animals come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. From massive draft horses to itty bitty ponies, there’s an equine for everyone out there! But some horse breeds have such unique characteristics that they look like something straight out of a story book. In this video, we are going to look at 10 most beautiful horse breeds in the world. These horses include Akhal Teke, Friesian horse, gypsy horse, black forest horse, haflinger horse, lipizzaner / lipizzan horse, knabstrup / knabstrupper, camarillo white horse, arab / arabian horse, and andalusian / pure spanish horse.

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