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Best Cat Videos of the Year So Far | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats eating treats off their belly, cats sitting in a tape square on the floor, to cats getting a haircut, these are just a few of the best cats you'll find in this best cat videos of the year so far compilation!

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Crusoe And Oakley Play Mini Putt!
Crusoe and brother Oakley the dachshund play a little game of mini putt putt while in Pigeon Forge of the Smoky Mountains together on their vacation.

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Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!
Tigers, Lions, Leopards and all other species of big cats are WILD animals, they will always have their wild instincts and as this video illustrates they will never make good "pets" !!

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Puppies Trying to Stay Awake Compilation
These puppies are so sleepy and tired, and just can't stay awake. It looks like being a cute little puppy is an exhausting job.

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Wolf Pack Hunts A Hare - Sir David Attenborough
GRAPHIC! A diet of Leverett's will not be enough to sustain a growing pup or feed an entire Wolf pack, so bigger prey is needed. The problem is bigger prey like the Hare are incredibly agile and can run up to speeds of 60 km per hour ( Approximately 37 mph ). If this Wolf pack are not going to go hungry, they will need to hunt as a unit.

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