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Problem solving, who's better? dogs or cats. I put four dogs up against one cat, lets see how they do. I gave them ample time to figure it out...

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Rewrite the Stars - Violin/Cello/Piano (from the Greatest Showman) The Piano Guys
Introducing: a VERY special "guest artist," who really isn't just a "guest artist." Rather, she's the "BEST artist" for us to collaborate with -- Steve's wife, Julie Nelson! Some of the story behind the song: "I think life comes at us in seasons. I've thought a lot about this. When you feel like you're in winter, you get that feeling that everything is bleak -- and that you've got nothing to look forward to. The sun is gone; it's completely overcast in your life. Those are the times for me when I'm feeling writer's block, I'm feeling depression, I'm feeling complete struggle, just wondering whether I can even weather the storm. Then I feel like all of us have this invincible summer within us. It's people, places, memories that we can draw upon that make the sunlight come out. To me, that's what Julie is. I look back on all the memories we have together. Each and every one of them coalesce and overcome all the difficult times and the struggle. All I think about is the love I have for her and who I am because of her. I wish I could even portray, with music, what she means to me. I can't. There's just not music beautiful enough. However, I want to give it my best shot. So for the first time, in all the years of doing the Piano Guys, I finally get to play beside my inspiration: My wife, Julie Nelson." --Steven Sharp Nelson

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Dell UltraSharp 4K UP3216Q Monitor Feature Walkthru & Demo!
It's big, and it's gorgeous! Dave checks out the Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q 4K monitor in all its 32-inch glory and finds it bright, flexible and pretty sweet. Bonus: since it's Mac and Windows compatible, he demonstrates how to have both a Windows PC and a MacBook hooked up to the monitor at the same time, and even explains how there's enough screen real estate to keep a live TV window running simultaneously!

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Today I Learned: Giraffes!
Can you guess how long a giraffe's tongue is? You learn something new every day! Get ready to learn some amazing facts about giraffes in this episode of Today I Learned!

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Cat Sings with Girl
"This was my cat meowing when I meow during a song."
Added: 7th March 2018
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