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Hidden Valley Ranch Is a Real Place
In the 1950s, a man named Steven Henson (his name had previously been Ken) invented a creamy salad dressing at his ranch in California. He called it his ranch dressing. And that ranch? It was called Hidden Valley Ranch. Everyone loved the dressing—so much so that Clorox bought it and marketed what is now the most popular salad dressing in America: Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

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Labrador stands in pool for no reason at all
Ever since Cody the Labrador realized that he can reach the bottom of the pool, he frequently stands in it instead of swimming. He seems to be expecting his
Added: 26th August 2016
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Tags summer funny dog pool dog stands in the pool cody the labrador

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Special toys empower girls to become engineers
\u0022True or false: Pink is a girls' color, blue is a boys' color.\u0022 (False!) This female engineer created special toys to empower girls to embrace their inner-engineer.

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Chef Dog Prepares and Enjoys A Great Meal!
After a long day sailing on the seven seas ( see clip at end ) , Chef Dog ( previously known as Boat Dog ) enjoys a nice relaxing meal he prepared for himself. Be sure you have "Subtitles/closed captions" on (The CC button below the video).
Added: 26th August 2016
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Tags markiplier chica chef dog boat dog Golden Retriever

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R.I.P. Dancing Nana
See tribute after fist video.
Added: 25th August 2016
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Tags Barbara Ann Beach Boys

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