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Brave Sheep Puppys First Day On Job
A brave border collie pup was caught on camera herding sheep FOUR TIMES her size like a pro – despite never laying eyes on the mammals before. Adorable seven-week-old pup Ciara can be seen bounding after the sheep, rounding them up and guiding them back to proud owner Daire Byrne, who claims her instincts as a fifth-generation border collie kicked in when she clapped eyes on them. In the 29-second clip she fearlessly approaches four sheep including a defiant ram 20 TIMES her weight who lowers his horns but eventually concedes defeat and runs away.

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Barn Find Hunter | Episode 13 - Suburban Detroit
Barn finds in suburban Detroit? Tom Cotter managed to find some in an automotive Disneyland from a 1914 Princess and an aluminum-bodied, air-cooled 1920 Franklin to a one-owner (who still owns it) 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. The most impressive find of the show? Discovered in a storage unit, is a one-of-one factory hot rod station wagon, authorized by then-Ford president Lee Iacocca himself. Too bad this one's already found a new home...

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Lemurs Get High Off Millipede Toxins
Lemurs use millipedes as an insecticide and become intoxicated in the process.

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Ziggy The Pig Is A One Of A Kind, 250lb Unique Pet
When Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz got Ziggy, an advertised teacup pig, they were told he would stay small. Now, 5 years later their beloved pig weights about 250 pounds! Ziggy has always lived inside with them, but a pig that size proves to be difficult when trying to find homes to rent. So they bought a motor home and travel around the US.

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12 Best Random Places Valuables Have Been Found
From stuffed mattresses, to the luckiest beach goers in the world, these are 12 Best Random Places Valuables Have Been Found. We should be so lucky!

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