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Alligator Makes House Call in SC Neighborhood
An alligator wandered up through a subdivision in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on Monday, climbing up to the front door of a house and appearing to reach for the door bell.

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Barn Find Hunter | Episode 3 - Fresno, CA
In the latest episode of our “Barn Find Hunter” series, Tom spends the day at Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno, Calif., where he's given free rein to explore the property.

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Dog preciously watches over little girl
A priceless moment is shared between a little girl and a dog during some down time. Watch what happens when the child tosses her toy across the room... The dog
Added: 5th May 2016
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Extreme Jobs - High Voltage Power Line Inspection
In electrical engineering, live-line working is the maintenance of electrical equipment, often operating at high voltage, while the equipment is energized. A lineman wearing a Faraday suit can work on live, high-power lines by being transported to the lines in a helicopter. Wearing the suit, they can crawl down the wires. THEY is the key word here.

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