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The Last of the French Cowboys
Since the 1500s, the residents of Camargue, France, have been caring for and tending to the rare, all-white horses local to the area. The horses come from a long and storied legacy, thought to date back to prehistoric times. Marie Pag's, one of the Guardians of the Camargue, has been nurturing her horses for the past 28 years. Sadly, as the population of Camargue horses diminishes, so goes with it the tradition of the horsemen. Still, Marie hopes that the passion that she and her fellow cowboys share for their stewardship will keep their legacy alive.

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Five Mesmerizing Circus Arts!
5 mesmerizing circus arts! Enjoy this compilation of aerial silks, fire slinging, roue cyr wheels and acrobatics.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN HAD A SECRET THEORY ABOUT HAPPINESS? His theory written on a piece of paper just sold for 1.5 million dollars! But even he would have probably disapproved of this sale. Check out his theory here and choose happiness today!

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Amazing Dogs Teach Babies Compilation (2017)
Incredible dogs teaching babies the important things in life. Dogs and babies can do anything! Babies and dogs make such a great team! It's so special when dog and baby grow up together!

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