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The friendships of elephant and dogs
Most people think that an elephant is afraid or dislikes the presence of dogs. Elephants, for the most part, are a peaceful creature. They do not harm others if they are not threatened. At Elephant Nature park, most herds will have a pack of mahout dogs who follow them every foot step. The elephants pay them no mind, and some are quite fond of them. The dogs are relaxed, able to sleep anywhere. When the elephants move, the dogs will follow, or they will be gently notified if they are required to get out of the way. At night, some dogs will stay in front of the elephant shelter, awaiting another beautiful day charmed by the gentle giant. Many animals, even though different species, learn to live together. As humans, surely we can try to stay peaceful also, respecting others and living equitably in this community of earth' s beings.

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Lucas the Spider - Giant Spider
Lucas is a tiny spider to some...giant arachnid to others.
Added: 20th May 2018
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Potter's Brown (Texas Country Reporter)
For nearly his entire life, Doug Brown has been doing the exact same thing: making pottery in his studio in Edom. Doug & Beth Brown 8287 FM 279 Edom, TX 75754 Phone: 903-852-6473
Added: 20th May 2018
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Cats Playing With Each Others Tails Compilation (2018)
Adorable kittens discover tails. Kittens and cats love to play watch them chase tails. Cats and kittens annoy dogs and play with their tails! Try not to laugh or say aww!

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Best Pets of the Week | May 2018 Week 3
In this week's Best Pets of the Week we have precious cat friends snuggling, a puppy trying to cool off from the summer heat, a bird doing some magic and more!

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