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Amazing Dogs Teach Babies Compilation (2017)
Incredible dogs teaching babies the important things in life. Dogs and babies can do anything! Babies and dogs make such a great team! It's so special when dog and baby grow up together!

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Walk That Lonesome Valley by the Fly By Night Rounders in Asheville, N.C.
The Fly By Night Rounders busking in downtown Asheville, with the song.. Walk That Lonesome Valley!
Added: 26th October 2017
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Escape to Chinas Land of the Yellow Dragon
Hidden in the lofty hills of Sichuan, China is a steamy oasisa collection of 3,000 hot springs known as the Yellow Dragon. These brilliant calcite pools were naturally formed over a thousand years ago due to geological changes causing limestone to mold and bright blue waters to flow into the series of terraced ponds below. Together, they are said to resemble a golden dragon, lending way to the attractions peculiar name. As a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, this natural beauty will live on for generations to come. Follow the yellow calcified trail and escape to Huanglong Valley.

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AUTOMATICA 4k - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford
Robots rock, they were fun to work with. My favorite is the robotic drummer. More work to be done, and maybe I could play with them live.

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Andre Rieu - Think Of Me By Anna Majchrzak  ( Brilliance )
Amazing Soprano Anna Majchrzak sing -Time of Me- in by amazing performance and emotional way in Maastricht Concert 2017

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