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Baby Goat Triplets Ramona, Juno and Mabel Out and About
Olive's triplets Ramona, Juno and Mabe are never very far from their pretty mama Olive. It is sweet to watch them eat hay when she does, go for a walk when she does and follow her around the barn. Even a little sweeter when they put on their fancy sweaters.The kids are now 2 weeks old and full of fun.
Added: 12th July 2016
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Labrador Puppy Finds New Way Down Stairs
This adorable Labrador Retriever puppy was just learning how to walk down the stairs. It turns out that this little pup was in a real rush to get down stairs
Added: 12th July 2016
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I'll Scratch Your Back if You Scratch Mine
Occurred on June 15, 2016 / Blairstown, NJ, USA "This video was taken when my daughter's pony, Rosie, had to soak her feet in cold water due to an injury.

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Activist Documents Feeding Time For Orphaned Bear Cubs
Get ready to be blown away! Witness a day in the life of meal time for these bear cubs at the Orphan Bear Rehabilitation Center (OBRC). These people are saving the lives of these orphaned bear cubs so that they can eventually be returned to the wild.

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These trapped dogs need help. What happens next will leave you in disbelief.
When a gust of wind blew a feather-light canoe away from the gravel bar and into the river, two dogs ran and jumped inside it. Labs will retrieve anything, but
Added: 11th July 2016
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