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Luis Loyola - Custom Car Upholsterer
Luis Loyola’s friends may joke about his career as a “seamstress,” but this custom upholsterer has no regrets about pursuing his passion.

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A Baby Gorilla Teasing Its Mom Is The Best Zoo Footage You'll See Today.
Funny animal footage is captured at the zoo when an ornery baby gorilla attempts to play with its mom. However, it looks like mom isn't in the mood...

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Spread A Little Happiness - The Jive Aces
Here's a little compilation of highlights of our Midwest USA tour in April.
Added: 25th August 2016
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From Feral To Farm: A Cat's Life Saved!
Heart warming video! 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters every year. Almost half never make it out, but there are people trying to change that. This is a short documentary profiling a unique shelter relocation program for cats.

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Gold Medal Pets Video Compilation 2016
Catching treats, spinning in circles, and doing handstands are just a few of the talented pets you'll find going for the gold in this gold medal pets video.

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