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Look what this baby elephant does when it starts to rain
The Serengeti is an amazing place. We came upon this herd of elephants as it began to rain. What this little baby elephant did was the sweetest thing.

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Rebellious Reptiles | Funny Reptile Video Compilation 2017
From lizards drinking sprite, geckos slurping syrup bottles, to a chameleon cleaning its eye, these are just a few of the rebel reptiles you'll find in this rebellious reptiles video compilation.

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Honey Bee Swarm Found Living In Oak Barrel
A bee swarm settles in an antique oak barrel used for a decoration in a mans front yard. During little more than two months the bees build combs inside the barrel. These guys took the barrel apart and transferred the bees to a regular beehive with langstroth frames which you will see at the end of the video. I love honey bees and am amazed at the work they put into making honey.

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Angelina Green: 13-Year-Old Singer Earns Golden Buzzer - AGT 2017
Miami teen performs power ballad "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders and earns Golden Busser from Heidi Klum.

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