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Baby Screech Owlet Leaves the Nest Box - Mini Documentary
The only Screech Owlet has fledged from the nest box! She was overdue, but I think that was because she was the only baby and there was not the usual urgency when there is 3 or 4. The parents decided this was the night and they simply don't bring any food and called from the trees and the owlet made the big jump!

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Best Pets of the Week | May 2018 Week 2
This week's best pets of the week includes a bulldog living his best life in a helicopter, two rap siblings fighting over food, a tap dancing cockatiel and more! Enjoy this funny pet compilation! My favorite is the little white dog trying to guess which hand the food is in... the look on it's face is priceless!

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Cat with Short Legs Looks Like a Tiny Potato - GISELLE
This blind, 3-pound cat was born with very short legs and a lot of other issues - but her mom was determined to help her get strong from the minute they met. Today on Little But Fierce, watch Potato surprise everyone by learning to scurry around the house on her little legs and chase all of her cat siblings!

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LIVE: Grizzly Bear Gets Medical Exam at Wild Animal Sanctuary | The Dodo LIVE
This grizzly bear is getting a shoulder x-ray to make sure his arthritis is under control!

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Confused Animals | Funny Pet Video Compilation
Like us silly hoomans, these animals are just trying to navigate this crazy world one day at a time! Watch these hilarious animals get confused at everything around them!

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