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Guy Quits His Job To Rescue Animals  | The Dodo
Guy Quits His Job To Rescue Animals Fulltime | This guy was tired of his 9-5 job, so he decided to turn his grandma's farm into a sanctuary and commit his life to rescuing animals.

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There's NOTHING better than...
...a new scratch pad! This is a reminder of how easy it is to keep your cat happy without sacrificing your wallet or your furniture. Cats need to scratch to stretch, mark their territory, remove old claw sheaths, and just because it feels good. Keeping a fresh scratch pad in the common areas of your house and near furniture can keep them from scratching areas that you don't want them to (and if you need more tips on that, watch this: https://youtu.be/XZYF7e4H9X8). This one is less than $10 at my local hardware store and comes with catnip that makes the pad a stimulating and rewarding place to scratch. I try to buy a new one every 1-2 months, or when the cats seem less interested in it (at which point they may start clawing at the carpet which is a sign they need a new one!). I also have a cat tree with a sturdy pole they can use as well because cats also love to scratch something high that they can really put their body into for a good stretch. Have several options available for them so they feel they can exhibit their natural instincts which makes for a happier kitty and a happier you! Let others know what has worked for you in the comments below, or ask questions that others might be able to help you with.

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You'll Be In My Heart - From a MOM's Point Of View!
Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there. This beautiful song tells some of the many reasons you are so wonderful. Moms are the best! BYU NOTEWORTHY (2017-18) Bronwyn Bent, Kristen Bodine, Beth Campbell, Allie Gardner, Amy Lorsch, Jessica Osai, Catie Josephson, Maryn Smyth, Cami Jones; Director: Keith McKay Evans

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Dog Just Wants His Donkey Friend To Be Happy | The Dodo Odd Couples
Dog Just Wants His Donkey Friend To Be Happy | When Lily the donkey was rescued as a baby, she felt so alone until Yoda the dog started tucking her into bed every night. Today on Odd Couples, watch how Yoda decided to ride Lily and protect her from all the other animals - but made an exception when she developed a crush on another donkey.

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Howling Howlers | Funny Pet Video Compilation
These howling howlers have a whole lot to say! From singing huskies to howling wolves, these pups have some of the most beautiful voices you'll ever hear!

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