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Horseboarding Is the Coolest
Never heard of horseboarding before? Don't worry. You will soon.

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Bouncing Lambs
"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?" u.

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Here’s a compilation of the best videos of awesome people for April 2016! It features skimboarding, parkour, trampoline wall tricks, circus arts, basketball trick shots, martial arts, calisthenics, BMX, freestyle jet ski, soccer, football and yoga tricks. These athletes, gymnasts and acrobats are incredible!

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Tagging Adorable, Nasty Little Penguins #bestjobever
The world has had a love affair with penguins for some time now. Their tuxedo-colored feathers, waddling walk, and awkward mannerisms make them easy to adore. But get too close to penguins-chinstrap penguins in particular-and your endearing perception of these birds may be tested, given their penchant for projectile pooping and beating each other up.

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11 Reasons to Visit Maui
Maui was voted the best island in the world to visit by TripAdvisor users. Here's 11 reasons why.

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