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20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever
From Monkey and Puppy Harmony to Dog and Cheetah Pals here are 20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever! Do you own any adorable pets?

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Dean Martin And  Foster Brooks - The Airline PIlot
Dean Martin is having a drink at the bar when Foster Brooks comes stumbling in. Foster is an airline pilot you never want to fly with.

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One day old Baby Goat Kids Jumping in Jumpers!
Happy Spring everybody!!! 20 of our goats are due to kid this spring so we have been waiting excitedly for the first to arrive and yesterday afternoon they did! These quads were born to sweet Rhubarb. Not yet a day old and already practicing hopping! By tomorrow they will be experts. Their names are Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold and Bruno! We dressed them in sweaters last night because it was pretty chilly for newborns, but also Rhubarb is not sure the white and tan one is hers so we tried to disguise him in a darker color! She seems better about it and let him nurse a ton which is great. If you are interested in watching their sweetness on the live cam and maybe catching a birth, you can find it here: http://www.sunflowerfarm.info/sunflowerfarmlivefeed/

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Everything Is Possible
Jen Bricker was born without legs. Shocked and uncertain they could care for her, her biological parents gave her up for adoption. In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule: "Never say 'can't.'" And pretty soon, there was nothing this small but mighty powerhouse set her sights on that she couldn't conquer: roller-skating, volleyball, power tumbling, and spinning from silk ribbons thirty feet in the air.

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Vintage Mix Quartet - When I See an Elephant Fly
Vintage Mix Quartet http://www.vintagemixquartet.com/ https://www.facebook.com/qvintagemix/

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