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Tour This Tranquil Buddhist Island Temple of Giant Statues
Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples, but none of them is quite like Wat Plai Laem. Completed in 2004, the site is a collection of temples and statues located on Koh Samui, Thailand's second largest island. Wat Plai Laem's temples are active, set in a tranquil location, where quiet reflection is encouraged and appropriate attire is a must. One of the temple's most eye-catching figures is a nearly 100-foot tall statue of Buddha, painted in bright red, white and gold. But the main statue is the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy, Guanyin. There, she is represented with 18 arms, which shows her ability to help many people in need at once.

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These Iconic Voices Will Take You On A Nostalgia Trip
In this reel, we meet the voice actors that shaped our childhood. From Super Mario to "Doug" to the guy behind AOL's iconic "You've Got Mail" greeting, you'll recognize these famous voices anywhere.

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Think You Have Seen Juggling... Watch This!
Nelli Kujansivu | Foot Juggling
Added: 9th April 2017
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Tags Twenty Toes foot juggling Roxana Kuwen juggling routine

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10 BEST Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind
Optical illusions are mind blowing at any age. When you're a child, they make you question everything, and that doesn't exactly change when you're an adult. It's crazy to think how our minds and eyes work in different ways to play tricks on us, and make us see things that aren't actually there. Some illusions are all in the eyes, playing on your eyes' abilities and limitations, while others are due to the signals in the brain and its judgment calls. Either way, optical illusions seem to take us into a trippy dimension.

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Little Cats Are Like BIG Cats!
Cole thinks he's a house panther and Marm definitely acts like a mini tiger, it's so fun to see how similar they are to their WILD cousins.

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