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O Come, Emmanuel - Christmas Version - ThePianoGuys
You are probably familiar with this classic Christmas song, but you have never heard it played like this before. YouTube sensations The Piano Guys take an already beautiful hymn to new heights in today's music video.

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O Holy Night | BYU Noteworthy (N'Sync A Cappella Cover)
BYU Noteworthy members (2013 -14): Shirley Cole, Jordyn Crowley, Elicia Merwin Edwards, Diana Kramer Henson, Janae Klumpp, Marissa Quinn Mahaffey, Mariah Kolts Reeves, Cassie Gonzalez Weatherford, Hanna Zenger; director: Tatiana Quinn

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At This Sanctuary, All Dogs Are In Heaven
In the mountains of Costa Rica, there is a place where all dogs are welcome. Territorio de Zaguates is an old farm that has been turned into a lush canine sanctuary. With more than 700 adoptable dogs, you'll be sure to find a best friend here.

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Santa Claus is Real
In recognition of this festive season, we caught up with the real-life Santa Claus. That's right: Old Man Christmas is a real guy who legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

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Joyful Dogs Video Compilation 2016
From dogs excited to greet their owner, dogs enjoying sticking their head out the window, to dogs loving to play in fall leaves, these are just a few of the joyful dogs.

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