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Toddlerography w/ Gwyneth Paltrow
James and Gwyneth Paltrow push their talent and fitness to the limit with a dance class taught by toddlers, in which the two must mimic their instructors' steps.

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Kittens Who Really Doesn't Want to Share Their Food Compilation
Those are some really hungry kittens... Stay away! These kittens really don't want to share their precious food with you, or anyone else.

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Woman Does Downward Dog on Top of Her Horse
Angela Nunez is a certified yoga instructor who also works on a horse farm. So, she had the genius idea to combine her two loves into one activity.

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INTENSE! Bear With Bucket Stuck On Head Rescue
The bear had been roaming around the Perry Township area for several weeks with a bucket-like airbag stuck on its head. A group of locals took action to free him. INTENSE!!
Added: 22nd April 2016
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